Universe: 1st Quadrant

“I, a long time ago, lived in a world that was damaged by my kind repeatedly for nearly 1000 years. I remember it like it wasn’t yesterday, because now it is an afterthought. War broke out very soon after we, the humans took to the stars to live. If you know anything about mankind, destruction and controversy must follow and to protect ourselves, the civilized men in the stars, we created weapons of mass destruction that hung down over the earth. Perhaps we thought, since the weapons were below us on our home we were in the heavens, risen and living above petty human squabbling. We in were fact human, no genetic natural mutations, no cloning, no Android parts (unless you lost a limb) and certainly no assistance from a god; we made ourselves live forever. Which brings the question you are all wondering, how old am I? Why do I look like I am 17, but speak like I am 300?” The man scanned the room looking for one to answer his question. Sure with enough searching one boy lifted his hand and he pointed to it.

“The advance of technology in year 2347… the E-3986 serum. Also known as the Eternal Gas or Ethereal.” The man nodded his head in approval after the boy spoke. At this point in history, children were taught so well they could hold four times the amount of information three generations of fully qualified professors from say Harvard could hold in their lifetime. He needed no explanation from him, having witnessed the growth of human society from the valleys of earth to the celestial emptiness of space.

“That’s right. I have no reason to even tell you a story. You already know.” The man got up from his chair floating towards the glass. Throughout his sentence he man raised his voice progressively at the children who were no younger than 6 and no older than 10. “But what do you know? What if I said things like… fuck you? I hate you? What if I go and break your arm, you little shit?” He pounded at the glass as he spoke. A tear dropped out of his eye, whose iris was supposedly the must frigid able to stop a mans life who was bold enough to stare, but the children stared back, too ignorant of what the man knew was their short coming.

Shortly after, another man dressed in the same uniform as the children floated in. “Time to go,” he said robotically. The children floated out freely beyond the door and then it closed behind them. The man in white looked at the man draped in nothing but his skin. He laughed, no he pretended to laugh, that doesn’t exist here. “You truly are dangerous. I have 7 of you here. The others we sent to the sun are trapped on the sun, the only thing that can kill you is you apparently. You should give up, surely being in a glass case for 100 years causes a mental strain on you.”

The naked man peered into his eyes. The man in white started to bleed from his nose and quickly noticing his mistake, rushes for his glasses and puts them on. His once bloody running nose ended, leaving it to coagulate at a standstill. The man walked away, “amazingly eternal.” The automatic doors closed behind him.


Still Working, Breathing, Etcetera

Still working on my dreams while I give my government, my beloved country 6 more years of my youth. Hello followers and passerbyers of WordPress welcome to a long awaited and way past due post from yours truly, Oliver Wynter. Some updates? Well I will still write them even you won’t stick around. The picture? That is my son and I! Next update?! My novel is being edited! The editor is cool, I might pay again to have it re-edited depending how it reads when she is done. So far she is great and I hope I can make Lawyer in the Sand a great novel to draw people into my world… (insert evil laugh here) Next update?! I am about to finish off another novel of mine and then go back and edit the novella, I should be done with both by the summer and hopefully send those off for editing! So three books by the end of the year could possibly be sold but I will stagger them for sale. Another update?!? I am midway through my air force career and I am loving my job and half-heartedly love my shop/work space. Some people I don’t care for and others I can tolerate and others again I admire and can be around. I am pretty introverted, but I try to be talkative and outgoing even though it burns. Good burn sometimes. Another update?! My wife and are still together trying to make everyday of our marriage better than the last day. OMG another update?! What are my goals for next year? I forgot to do a New Years resolution, but you know what? I will still continue on with last years. Last year went well for me and I am going to stay my course and do better. Other than that next time I post I might do a short story. Oooh another series 5-post short story. One per say maybe two days, just using my panster powers. Well this is me, from the land of Omnia… hehe that is still a thing by the way wait till 2020…. ciao guys!

Post 12. What have I been up to…

Well it is 0230 11/14/2017 right now and I felt compelled to write something which should really be my novel… I fear my wife, who is sleeping right next to me might refer to a time where I used to awkwardly wake up, go downstairs away from her to write said novel. She would sometimes rollover and feel no “me,” come downstairs with a furious frown or what have you would call it, or maybe come downstairs for breakfast only to see me going upstairs to sleep. Either way, the novel took preference when she was in the land of slumber. That was a year to two years ago and now here we are, a beautiful plague that bounce me around that weren’t so not too long ago. Air force, baby, wife, new jersey, investments, debt (oh cmon what’s life without debt)… all things that I just jumped right in and expected a seamless and perfect system that should have by now manifested itself instantly or even by now. Obviously, I haven’t gotten it all quite right. I still yearn to write, still holding on to that ongoing dream, that goal of completing and being a force in the literary world of writers and authors, my time stamp for it has been modified time and time again. then the question is at all worth it? I still say yes today, but what about tomorrow or a few days, months from now? Will finances finally disavow my membership in the “dare to dream club”? My wife supports me, people around me support me, but you know how it is. It’s a yes in my reality, “go do this, do what you love” and in theirs, coincidentally a cohabitation of the inverse was applied, “what the fuck was he thinking and now he has air force, baby, wife, investments, bills and debt. What will being a writer do for him? why waste your time?” A time before this me, there was other me who would say, “I do what the fuck I want! I got this.” Now it is remotely the same, but I admit it has lost some of its luminosity, the ember sometimes cools off. Life was refreshing this year, perhaps too refreshing. Slowly I realize time is probably the harshest of the family of realism. I have been a writer for an ongoing 3 years now and my promises of publishing a novel has been nonexistent and I am not mad or ansy about it, I am relieved. There is much for me to learn and grow on so much so that releasing at the time I wanted to would have been tragic. Yes TRAGIC. Even now it is scary, albeit better. I am a writer, but a critically acclaimed best selling author perhaps not, perhaps never? (hell no) I will achieve that. I have been up to much and stagnant with little. Mistakes I have made this year caught up with me and now I must rectify them, methodically or else I will fuck up my future. Point. 2017 I have done a lot and got a lot shoved on to my plate. It will take another year to fix the damages, more time to reach my goal. But I always knew that, I just needed to write it to see it for myself.

Post 11. Slow Day

The moment passes me still

So fast, so fast. The stagnant I,

Stays grounded in transition,

The crossroads where a choice is present

Is unappealing. The want near naught

The will close to will not.

Yet! I complain. Motivate! I scream

Mentally; that drains me. Ah well

Ah well. These are periods of rest,

Recuperative thought, my next move,

Always the biggest, my last move

Always the step. Up the ladder I go,

I deserve a memorable rest.

Post 10. Stress

Good morning followers and wordpress. Last 3 weeks have been hectic, good and bad, but fret not. I am here. I am stressed beyond beleif and to be frank my methods aren’t working at this present time. I am working to be back on track every minute, we will see what the next couple hours bring. My first thought was to write a poem about stress but, that would be lackluster to me. So now I am writing random things for the sake of conversation… or I can give you some updates. This year I am going to publish. Yes! Then I have also almost completed my novella. Then I was able to see my son 3 weeks ago. A lot of happy moments for me. Then some bad but, until I am finished dealing with them, I won’t speak on it. Sorry! 🤥 More effort on my part is needed, so I will give more. I admit I slipped a bit and took things a little likely, life still gave me a haymaker. Other than that, I am alive and well and counting the positives so with that said, hope all of you are doing well, feel free to drop a like or comment, a follow as well! Ciao!

Post 9. The First Final Frontier

A region in which reason exists

A place for space to be comprehended

The zone they thought was the omega

Why neglect the one thing yet truly explored

Physical state is something of marvel

The only organ that has a mental side

The only thing keeping you from absence

Why not sojourn me, once you understand

Wisdom brings you to the world you seek

Traverse the incline where it exists

I am a depth of empty thoughts

Not because of self induced void

But because of the mountain of neglect.

Post 8. Morning’s for Writing

In the evening no one is realeased, I hate that guy. I must learn to cooperate with him I guess. Goodmorning everyone, it is I, the one and only I. WordPress and followers I am closing in on the end of my novella, I am about 15k words to the finish. Before you say wait, hold up, 15k words is a lot, I catch writing fever towards the end of my manuscripts. 🤡 Two to three weeks from now I should be done at the least. Now on to the nice picture with the nice caption. Morning writing is the best for me. In the morning I come fresh out of dream land ready to type away. I wake up from 4 to about 6 am ready to write for about 3 to 4 hours. I put away my world and go back into my self induced dream. Except I can move. That’s important. Editing is my worst enemy truth be told, I must overcome him if I am ever to release something. I spent 4 months away from Kamikaze and Lawyer in the Sand. I am ready to tackle them. Working on the J. Tinton novella is so fun because of how I am writing, I get a biy of leeway with grammar and structure. To me it’s shaping up. Love it. I love writing. I can confidently say that. I LOVE WRITING! Time to make friends with the editor. Ciao.😀