Post 8. Morning’s for Writing

In the evening no one is realeased, I hate that guy. I must learn to cooperate with him I guess. Goodmorning everyone, it is I, the one and only I. WordPress and followers I am closing in on the end of my novella, I am about 15k words to the finish. Before you say wait, hold up, 15k words is a lot, I catch writing fever towards the end of my manuscripts. ūü§° Two to three weeks from now I should be done at the least. Now on to the nice picture with the nice caption. Morning writing is the best for me. In the morning I come fresh out of dream land ready to type away. I wake up from 4 to about 6 am ready to write for about 3 to 4 hours. I put away my world and go back into my self induced dream. Except I can move. That’s important. Editing is my worst enemy truth be told, I must overcome him if I am ever to release something. I spent 4 months away from Kamikaze and Lawyer in the Sand. I am ready to tackle them. Working on the J. Tinton novella is so fun because of how I am writing, I get a biy of leeway with grammar and structure. To me it’s shaping up. Love it. I love writing. I can confidently say that. I LOVE WRITING! Time to make friends with the editor. Ciao.ūüėÄ


Happy New Years.

This is one of those moments where when you come back after a 2 month hiatus, you have to decide whether to reset your post counter to one or continue to 47… So in the spirit of the New Year for 2017, we will just make this a New Years post and the next will be post 1. Hello my followers, passerbyers and wordpress! I hope all is well while I was gone and I hope to gain more followers in this year! My book is fast approaching, as I have a way clearer path in front of me regarding that, I am doing well personally for now, just plain ole working hard. Sacrifices and blessings is what I will call it and if you choose to call it anything else feel free as long as it is congruent with what I mean haha. I hope you all are doing well and blogging! I am currently in uniform and on break from duty, so I am limited… but. We. Will. Be. More active from now on! Once I get settled in! I will be in Mississippi for awhile so hopefully I can get some pictures and what not. Oh and a lot of work done on my second novel whilst editing my first. It shouldn’t conflict with study time. Thanks to those who follow me and still read my posts and thanks to those who read all the same. Boo to no one. It’s been a rollercoaster of a 2 months but, I will divulge more info sometime this week. Hopefully I do not change the nature of my blog too much! Happy New Years All! Woo 2017!


I close the doors and windows of my soul

Just to find a sight with in that can reflect me as a whole

Now console, while I consider

To stress and a headache, them my mind I deliver

Life pacing is as fast as a river

It rages but the sound is deceptive, I can barely hear quivers

It’s like quick silver, or maybe molten lava

End my suffering in seconds, by heat or unexplained phenomena

My suffering be quick enough for me to feel no pain

Death whether felt or not still probably feels the same

Just a reflection of a life that drove me insane

Because the directions weren’t clear enough

Bad enough weather on my windows pane

That’s what it is, smart to realize

My real eyes can see bullshit apart from lovely pies

I look up pass the atmosphere to the dark lit skies

Or maybe abyss, from here I can’t tell which is which

If one had a broom, my view would quickly switch

That’s how senseless my path is, but I see gold

Like the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow

I think that at the end it’s better as far as the notion of rain goes

A peace sign, to end all suffering

I drive to greatness, I hope it doesn’t leave when it hears my engine muttering….

The 39th Drop? What is.

The 39th fall wasn’t something that was, for me at least, something I attempted or determined to do. In the bible, it says a man falls seven times, along with other religions or religious books, that forgiveness whether by a man or a deity is unconditional until ultimate serenity is reached. What determines a fall? Does it mean that at one point before being “upright,” a decision that was out of my control led me to leave my internal peace? External peace? Who determines what is right or wrong? Is it our innate morals of guilt that we are born with guide is to a life that is “morally” correct? If we were born and became able to move with no knowledge of anything and it rained, “instincts” supposedly tells us to seek shelter. If the same situations is applied to meeting another person we would do one of three things as per our instincts; try to communicate, attack or flee. Is there an internal instinct that helps us determine that we fell? How do we determine that it ¬†is genuine without our environment? This is just me typing a thought, an idea. If a man or woman doesn’t feel he or she is wrong, are they still wrong? If the world is reality then how can the world be as we percieve it to be? Reality by defenition is universal. Perception is not. Are we imposing upon our freedom of perception to force a farce of a reality on others causing them to fall? The 39th drop is just a moment of my mind to make peace of itself. I am not happy about certain things in my life from what I have done or currently did do, but by my standards. It is an intermingling mix of ideas, wisdom and knowledge that allow me based on who I am that determines that I fell today or yesterday at that point of my life. It is quite impossible to blank slate anyone but, if we blank slated myself, could I still say at being a basic human without interaction of another person to say that I fell at this point? The 39th drop, is not a fall but, maybe a stock chart. It is still going, with constant dips but, also with constant acensions. As the thought process about what a fall is can be critiqued so can an ascension. This maybe nonsense, or a nerd storm, but what is life without a person wanting to converse about it?

-Omnibus Writing-

38th stories the fall


Well, hello again my followers, passerbyers and WordPress community! This is the 38th post and I have accomplished much this month. I think the months are progressively getting a tad bit better and better. (Lets keep at it!) I wish to tell you before I hit my impending doom with the floor that I will free write a story for my next seven posts. They will be short and sweet maybe. We will see what the mood brings and what my imagination can conjure up aside from my oh so AWESOME NOVELS. Really they are awesome. None released but soon. I plan on working on a short story this July called “White Sea” which will be for free on Amazon (if I can do that), if not then 99 cents I suppose. It is an interesting book that was once a novel but not a series of short stories maybe 5, so you guys can talk about how you hate my writing or simply adore the way I put together multi-facetious elements in prose. For now, I am getting 2 novels done this year, one is near completion, “The Lawyer in the Sand” I am just awaiting the editor to start next week and throughout the month I will be working on the awe inspiring “A Designer’s Obsession: Deb√ļt” which will be finished and release for the end of Fall into winter. If I can get my other one done, I will push it to Spring. So. With that said¬†is where you can find the most up-to-date updates. Second being here. Third being my instagram. Fourth being my twitter (doing a horrible job and twittering). So no excuses saying you didn’t know about this awesome guy with an awesome talent writing awesome works! I am still free falling in writing. I think I am doing great. I cheated a little bit with the link and some backspacing. Let’s see some other behind the scenes stuff that my followers will have the pleasure of knowing! I plan on linking this blog to my website, how it will happen, haven’t played around with it yet but it will happen! I am working on my website! Just as soon as my talented artist finishes with it it will be up! A nice trial run, I will publish it for about a day have some people look around test some links and maybe by August first it will be up and running, we will see! Other than that, I am working on another cover maybe pushing it back we will see. A lot of “we will see” but, I do promise I am hard at work not hardly working. I am still soaking up a lot of knowledge and trying to avoid mistakes that I have made. Sort of going with the wind suspended in the air trying to make a plane in turbulence. It is hard and rough but, it is my choice and I am happy with that. I do have a lot of perosnal things going on in my life though that I am stressed about but, I see some convergence and silver lining in the distance. I want to be at the silver lining so I guess that’s why I am stressing. Enough with that! Get to know me! I will promise to keep up with the blogging. I aim to connect with all my followers and soon to be fans. Enjoy guys take care and please don’t be scared to drop a comment or question!

36 Poem… A WIP


Incomplete with a child’s heart
The mind of a man. The body of youth
Withers away while the others stays the same
Or do they change? With time?
What actually does age? The physical?
The abstract. What it is, what it could be
What it wants to be, shaped by the impossible
Created by selfishness. The I.
Matures into need. Grows into a we
But prunes itself into a me.
Self is not alone, neither does it want to be
It aims to achieve more than me, hence the growth into
A we. So, the physical has changed, so has the tools
To think of the abstract matured and rearranged.
It will do so until solace is found
This is how a work in progress is pronounced

25th post but the last of TMWNK

“You are the one who caused all of this tension”

“You are the one who caused all of this unnecessariness…”

“You are the one who……” faded words by Laura

“She said that?” Bill asks Lance and Carl. “Well, apparently that is the case… William” Carl says as he steps closer to Bill; “In all my years of life, I have poured my heart and soul into my two precious girls. I taught them about love in its entirety as far as my knowledge and feelings went. Then I met you, I did not like you at first but I did get to know you and I just knew you would make Janice happy. I never knew about your problems with her but after hearing today… I just have to say you sir are bird brain” Lance bursts out laughing and says “you never knew she knew?”. “I was never hiding anything from her, I just told the truth and assumed it was good enough, I did not think I had to talk to her about this…” Bill frustratedly speaks. “Bill, you have to realize that you were not understanding though you were listening. I suggest you go talk to your wife” Carl humbly says. Bill walks towards the door outside and stands next to Laura¬†who is holding a sleeved Starbucks coffee. Mist from her mouth exits and dissipates 3 times before she hears slow distant footsteps approaching her from behind. One the final step, that bill takes to parallel himself with Laura, a snow flake fell right before his face in slow motion. In that instance, he recalled the bad times he had treated his Janice and as the snowflake turned to the other side; his memories of the good times in a movie reel effect flashed before his eyes. Meanwhile in the recovery room, Janice who has been awake for a couple minutes, grabs her phone yet again, after calling, texts Laura to tell Bill to come to her room. Janice performs¬†frail¬†smiles. A nurse says “We need to induce labor, some one will get your husband”. Laura’s phone vibrates but she ignores it and turns to Bill apologizing, “I am sorry I attacked you and put the full the blame on you, although you are partly to blame”. “Janice should of spoke to you rather than to Jessie and not played this game or whatever she calls it” Laura says. “Why would you take advice from the woman who wants your husband? Why would you wait for a clueless ass man to realize something he does not see? Would you not tell him?” Laura angrily says. “I forgot she was like that, I remember when I first started to cook…” Bill chuckles and laughs; more snow in very light flurries of white dots fall from the sky scarcely. In the room,¬†Janice¬†is heard by nurse saying “At 11:05 we will move her to the delivery room, her husband should be in the lobby”. Loud uncontrollable resonating laughter comes from both Laura and Bill as Lance, Carl and a nurse walks towards them from the inside. “SHE REALLY HAD ME SIT THERE AND HAD ME CROSS EXAMINE MY COOKING!” Bill says out loud in a jubilant¬†manner as Laura ecstatically “WHEN I WAS 13, SHE WAS MAD AT ME¬†BECAUSE MY CHICKEN JALFREZI HAD NO FLAVOR…¬†I COULD NOT TELL HER WHY” Boisterous laughing fills the air as Carl and Lance approach them in a sprinting manner. With minimal air left in Carls lungs “William, Janice is going into labor!”. Bill frantically rushes towards the labor room with Laura, Carl and Lance trailing. Bill walks in and with confidence not even looking back to his brother Lance and his extended family for assurance. The nurse directs Lance, Laura and Carl to the lobby to wait, as the door shuts behind Bill. A joyous smile followed by tears floods the face of a weakened Janice. Bill sits in the seat of a man that is about to become a father. He grabs Janice’s hand and holds it with a passionate embrace, then looks at the nurse saying “She can push”. Janice looks at Bill, “No honey, your crazy”. Laughter fills the room as the Dr. Schatner proceeds to give an¬†epidural to Janice. In the waiting room, Laura and Lance are talking while Carl gets up and grabs some coffee, Laura’s phone vibrates indicating her of 3 missed message. “Your not going to read that?” Lance says; Laura opens the phone and reads the message. The 3rd reads:

“I heard you from outside. Keep it down this is a hospital.
Go easy on me when I am done and thank you for having my our back”

“Ugh, my sister is so annoying, even in labor” says Laura. “Bill and Janice, your new baby girl”. A re-exchange of vows. Gabrielle Patricia Felwinter. “I never knew it was a girl”