Post 12. What have I been up to…

Well it is 0230 11/14/2017 right now and I felt compelled to write something which should really be my novel… I fear my wife, who is sleeping right next to me might refer to a time where I used to awkwardly wake up, go downstairs away from her to write said novel. She would sometimes rollover and feel no “me,” come downstairs with a furious frown or what have you would call it, or maybe come downstairs for breakfast only to see me going upstairs to sleep. Either way, the novel took preference when she was in the land of slumber. That was a year to two years ago and now here we are, a beautiful plague that bounce me around that weren’t so not too long ago. Air force, baby, wife, new jersey, investments, debt (oh cmon what’s life without debt)… all things that I just jumped right in and expected a seamless and perfect system that should have by now manifested itself instantly or even by now. Obviously, I haven’t gotten it all quite right. I still yearn to write, still holding on to that ongoing dream, that goal of completing and being a force in the literary world of writers and authors, my time stamp for it has been modified time and time again. then the question is at all worth it? I still say yes today, but what about tomorrow or a few days, months from now? Will finances finally disavow my membership in the “dare to dream club”? My wife supports me, people around me support me, but you know how it is. It’s a yes in my reality, “go do this, do what you love” and in theirs, coincidentally a cohabitation of the inverse was applied, “what the fuck was he thinking and now he has air force, baby, wife, investments, bills and debt. What will being a writer do for him? why waste your time?” A time before this me, there was other me who would say, “I do what the fuck I want! I got this.” Now it is remotely the same, but I admit it has lost some of its luminosity, the ember sometimes cools off. Life was refreshing this year, perhaps too refreshing. Slowly I realize time is probably the harshest of the family of realism. I have been a writer for an ongoing 3 years now and my promises of publishing a novel has been nonexistent and I am not mad or ansy about it, I am relieved. There is much for me to learn and grow on so much so that releasing at the time I wanted to would have been tragic. Yes TRAGIC. Even now it is scary, albeit better. I am a writer, but a critically acclaimed best selling author perhaps not, perhaps never? (hell no) I will achieve that. I have been up to much and stagnant with little. Mistakes I have made this year caught up with me and now I must rectify them, methodically or else I will fuck up my future. Point. 2017 I have done a lot and got a lot shoved on to my plate. It will take another year to fix the damages, more time to reach my goal. But I always knew that, I just needed to write it to see it for myself.


Blog post 44, My mind is fine

I am just saying my mind is fine and my imaginationis vivid. Hello fellow wordpressers, passerybyers, and followers! It is a new day and I have been a busy bee lately, I have primed my novels, (just laid down my ideas and starting point so when I come back, I can just pick up where I left off, works for me ūüėĀ) something I don’t usually do unless I am writing them soon (2months time). Due to my break that is mandatory in Novemeber/December, I must do the ones that are weak in my head. In other news, I was considering finishing up my Penumbra guide book but, I will leave that for next year May. I am in an arms or books race with myself, as I am very disheartened and sad I haven’t been able to put out any content as yet, but I am happy for the fact I didn’t. Imagination and talent is only half the equation and I a need to make it enjoyable for the readers… this year has been a great learning experience truthfully. Since I want to set my goals of regurgitating great literary fiction works, I will and am still dedicate my time in learning. Next year will be a better year, but I am not ready yet unfortunately for this year. Other than that, I am still shrugging on in every other aspect of my life, between being married, the air force (more on that later), as well as house shopping. I went to DC to check somethings out. Hehe. To write great things must one have a sound environment, I am busy trying to get out of mine haha. So, moral of the story, keep the fight for life and your dreams, it is hard but, with perserverance and will, the fight will sometimes put a smile on your face making your acheivements all the more sweeter.

43, Searching for the Silver Lining

This a great movie, although I do not particularly care for Clooney as an actor, he did his thing. Hi my followers, bloggers and passerbyers! I am back again after some, dry spell of thoughts, I was literally up in the air, not one creative thought for the month of August! *Gasp* With that said, I took a break from wroting Kamikaze, reworking things in my life and got a but afraid or shaken up about jumping back in the pool due to my critique of my work (see post 41?) In my self discouragement, I did manage to conjure up Kamikaze, which I am taking my time with although I want to burst my brilliant imagination all over the page, but I must keep it focused. For that, even though, it is a short story, I must keep calm, cool and collected in writing it. Other ways I was up in the air is that, I got married on the 16th of August! To my girlfriend of 5plus years, who is constantly pushing me to stay true to my dreams and who I am. (Love you!) With all the encouragement from her and some close friends and family, as an artist you know how it is when doubt hits you. But as the caption says, I am ready to make a connection, with you with myself, with my mind, my keyboard and my paper. I am done plotting and trying, I am ready to do! My mission is pretty clear, so I am going for it! I will nearly fall off the face of the earth for 2 months though november/december. That is a disclaimer and while I have been the most shitty and wordpress and blogging, these 2 months are important in my life and I must and have to be gone, but by christmas or so I will be back. Smiles and yays for me please! So what is next what is going on with my writing? Well I have decided to go to do my MFA but I will play around with some short stories to get some content out there. Kamikaze and White Sea should be fine for Janurary, I was wishing for Fall and Winter this year but realistically it is impossible. I am working though. Very hard mentally to make this possible for you and myself. So I will keep the updates rolling in when possible and as frequent as possible. I am even missing Nanowrimo… =(. Well guys and gals! Feel free to ask questions and comment! Till next time!

42. Hmm not quite suicide squad.

Seppuku. But the book is called Kamikaze. Hi and weclome my followers, passerbyers and of course the wordpress community on a whole to Omnibus Writing. If you haven’t read my 41st post or others I encourage you to read them! They are filled with a variety of thoughts and creative writing! Also if you, like me, are interesting into literature and books look no further than to follow me on facebook ( ¬†and instagram/twitter (omnibus_writing). I have not published anything yet novel or novella related still working on manuscripts and other things but by the end of the year one novella will be coming out! I am still leanring and maturing my craft so I am pacing myself to do my best work. ¬†So this post is about me putting my writing of A Designers Obsession: Debut on pause. Oh, and, pausing my editing of The Lawyer in the Sand. To bring forth the novella Kamikaze. I figured starting small would be my best bet in learning and taking extra time to internalize my craft and to give to you my fans a book to read to find out for yourself that I am worthy enough to be in your book collection (I will be! =D) It is purely coincidence that it is called Kamikaze and that Suicide Squad is coming out this week! (YAY) I am really serious about that coincidence part. If you did not know before, let me reiterate, all my writings will be connected in some form or fashion but they are unless noted that it is a series, are independent of each other. I wish to make a world of characters, sorta like star wars but in my own world. I don’t like space. Well I am assuming I don’t. Other than that if you are reading this, I am fine, I have some news in the coming month that I wish to share or maybe today…. I should draft this and post it in about an hour. [Drafted]

And I am back. So yeah… I am leaving November 1st… for what, time will tell, oooh the suspense. I am working on getting into an MFA program as well! So many things to share, so many goals, so many routes… sorry for the vagueness but as it becomes more clear to me I will be more clear with you!!! Enjoy!

40. A number, age and an abstract Pt. 1

So, to start off, I say hello to all. (A short ¬†greeting) I use this title to play upon the last conversation’s segway into perception, using the title of course to do a little blending. So 40. A number, age or an abstract. Perception is one of the most powerful tools in a perons or group arsenal of social or even anti-social methods. Within every human being’s method of thought, perception is one of the most key component. Perception is able to create “right” or “wrong” instances even though fact, concrete evidence or plain simple logic dictates other wise. And even within sound logic, a person’s perception can be manipulated¬†by¬†the one with the more robust tone of thought through a simple avenue called speech (best example: Politicians). While perception is the most dangerous when you used improperly (For harm), it is also so very revolutionary in terms of our technology, food, economy and of course negotiations on a micro and macro level. Every piece of technology built on this earth, was based on the way an inventor perceived things; every war was stopped due to perception as well as every dish was prepared (yum). Amongst the plethora actions perception has shaped our world we must of course perceive what perception is. A more firm ¬†and physical definition would describe it as the way we see, feel, touch, taste and hear our environment. And now the more complicated abstract definition; the way we identify with our world through understanding. So what is the argument that perception is dangerous? Through a physical means, perception or awareness is very limited in scope but yet differs greatly from person to person due to physical differences found between people. One thing is very certain 99% of the time. If we were to take 3 people from all over the world. Hot is hot, cold is cold, pain is pain, danger is danger, water is water, food is food and of course so on. In a biological sense as well, there is a innate reproductive sense between male and female if we were to make them opposite sexes. The physical side of perception allows for a cohesive unit of thought through sense between two people or more based on physiological similarities. Let us remember, perception is the way we identify with the world using our senses, we are merely on the physical aspect. The same way water can hydrate or drown a person is the same with all people and in some cases animals too. Like wise with high temperature.How we react to these physical stimuli creates a need. The mental aspect¬†of¬†perception allows for the¬†materialization of a counter force to combat or make certain stimuli advantageous in a physical or abstract sense; this is where perception begins to show its true power.

The 39th Drop? What is.

The 39th fall wasn’t something that was, for me at least, something I attempted or determined to do. In the bible, it says a man falls seven times, along with other religions or religious books, that forgiveness whether by a man or a deity is unconditional until ultimate serenity is reached. What determines a fall? Does it mean that at one point before being “upright,” a decision that was out of my control led me to leave my internal peace? External peace? Who determines what is right or wrong? Is it our innate morals of guilt that we are born with guide is to a life that is “morally” correct? If we were born and became able to move with no knowledge of anything and it rained, “instincts” supposedly tells us to seek shelter. If the same situations is applied to meeting another person we would do one of three things as per our instincts; try to communicate, attack or flee. Is there an internal instinct that helps us determine that we fell? How do we determine that it ¬†is genuine without our environment? This is just me typing a thought, an idea. If a man or woman doesn’t feel he or she is wrong, are they still wrong? If the world is reality then how can the world be as we percieve it to be? Reality by defenition is universal. Perception is not. Are we imposing upon our freedom of perception to force a farce of a reality on others causing them to fall? The 39th drop is just a moment of my mind to make peace of itself. I am not happy about certain things in my life from what I have done or currently did do, but by my standards. It is an intermingling mix of ideas, wisdom and knowledge that allow me based on who I am that determines that I fell today or yesterday at that point of my life. It is quite impossible to blank slate anyone but, if we blank slated myself, could I still say at being a basic human without interaction of another person to say that I fell at this point? The 39th drop, is not a fall but, maybe a stock chart. It is still going, with constant dips but, also with constant acensions. As the thought process about what a fall is can be critiqued so can an ascension. This maybe nonsense, or a nerd storm, but what is life without a person wanting to converse about it?

-Omnibus Writing-

38th stories the fall


Well, hello again my followers, passerbyers and WordPress community! This is the 38th post and I have accomplished much this month. I think the months are progressively getting a tad bit better and better. (Lets keep at it!) I wish to tell you before I hit my impending doom with the floor that I will free write a story for my next seven posts. They will be short and sweet maybe. We will see what the mood brings and what my imagination can conjure up aside from my oh so AWESOME NOVELS. Really they are awesome. None released but soon. I plan on working on a short story this July called “White Sea” which will be for free on Amazon (if I can do that), if not then 99 cents I suppose. It is an interesting book that was once a novel but not a series of short stories maybe 5, so you guys can talk about how you hate my writing or simply adore the way I put together multi-facetious elements in prose. For now, I am getting 2 novels done this year, one is near completion, “The Lawyer in the Sand” I am just awaiting the editor to start next week and throughout the month I will be working on the awe inspiring “A Designer’s Obsession: Deb√ļt” which will be finished and release for the end of Fall into winter. If I can get my other one done, I will push it to Spring. So. With that said¬†is where you can find the most up-to-date updates. Second being here. Third being my instagram. Fourth being my twitter (doing a horrible job and twittering). So no excuses saying you didn’t know about this awesome guy with an awesome talent writing awesome works! I am still free falling in writing. I think I am doing great. I cheated a little bit with the link and some backspacing. Let’s see some other behind the scenes stuff that my followers will have the pleasure of knowing! I plan on linking this blog to my website, how it will happen, haven’t played around with it yet but it will happen! I am working on my website! Just as soon as my talented artist finishes with it it will be up! A nice trial run, I will publish it for about a day have some people look around test some links and maybe by August first it will be up and running, we will see! Other than that, I am working on another cover maybe pushing it back we will see. A lot of “we will see” but, I do promise I am hard at work not hardly working. I am still soaking up a lot of knowledge and trying to avoid mistakes that I have made. Sort of going with the wind suspended in the air trying to make a plane in turbulence. It is hard and rough but, it is my choice and I am happy with that. I do have a lot of perosnal things going on in my life though that I am stressed about but, I see some convergence and silver lining in the distance. I want to be at the silver lining so I guess that’s why I am stressing. Enough with that! Get to know me! I will promise to keep up with the blogging. I aim to connect with all my followers and soon to be fans. Enjoy guys take care and please don’t be scared to drop a comment or question!