Atop these heights, the pinnacle of pink matter

Mind over it, a divisive equation that only makes the answer fatter

Astute with a soupรงon of whatever inside the olive grants

Memory, a gig or two won’t help. A terabyte? A Peta? Cue the fans

One must think on their feet, situations for choice, multiplicity

Act out the now, process the future, contingencies and all, at the speed of electricity.

With time knowledge grows and understanding becomes more patient

New vessels that can learn faster and quantify more happens in the nanoseconds, because we lost our patience.




The ideas that role around my sleep are…
Fictitious in nature. Vapor of the salty and
Quench-less that is reality. My pink matter…
Trolls me knowing I want what is, though artistry,
Really a chimera. Somewhere between life and
Simulation lies my resolution; 4K platters of
Mixed memories centrifuged then fused,
Perfused into the best moments of life,
Large dose VS the small drips of the more
Beautifully grotesque constructs;
The building materials? Remorse and
The forgotten can be never lost, happiness
Seldom stays. Yet this gorgeous dream,
This seductive mirage of thoughts somehow…
Relives โ€œmeโ€ through my loss and helps me
In my future.


I usually put a picture… I don’t know what happened why right now a picture isn’t needed. Well hello my followers, passerbyers and WordPress audience! The summer is upon us and I have some news! First off, I am having another son! Yay! He is due in about a month and he will come out when he feels like it!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ His name? Myself and the misses are still pondering on it, but I’m sure we will come up with something. So far the baby is healthy and he will be a great addition to our growing family. My one year old needs a playmate other than ourselves! Secondly, that would mean my wife will spend her summer in NY. Sadly, it would mean she will be away from me. She will get more help from her family than from me due to my work schedule. We don’t know anyone where we are that will help her here so? Going back home is the most logical thing for her where her and my parents can help her with time and my other son. I’m not too happy about it and neither is she; such is life. Sacrifices are made for what we want and what we strive for. That piece of news was too sad, so let’s attach some more news to this. The third newsflash would mean I would have idle hands except that I won’t. I am planning to use the time to do a number of things. I am nearing towards the publishing stages of my first novel, so I need to do some research on that process. It is currently being edited and it is almost finished! Yay me! I get to pour some time into my fashion novel which is almost finished as well! After that I will take a week or two to edit my novella, then start and possibly finish my other novel, named White Sea (Unofficial title). So my hands will be full between that and work and visiting my family on the weekends (I forgot about that little tidbit). I hope I can get this accomplished this year. It’s been a rocky journey and even rockier life. I hope to accomplish my dreams. Other than that, I will keep the community updated, thanks for your eyes and your time, until the next post!

Universe: Cataclysm/Supernova

“What are you doing… why would they do this? They don’t wish to share eternity, they wish to horde and act as the master of our race. But who will keep them in check? Lack of desire? Who is to stop them when they feel threatened? Why would they think to keep us subdued by the very thing they casted away? And that’s why I say hello” he had new way of thinking, once he drank from the pool that is the ethereal.

He heard their conversations and only one knew he was part of their network; Alfus. The rest couldn’t hear, the phenomena was either strange or they were too busy avoiding fighters trying to shoot their recoverable bodies to shreds. Their focus was too great, maybe. Alfus did something that took much energy for the sake of his comrades. He teleported. Now in his cell he was cut off due to his weakness and his body was crippled and shriveled like over cooked tube strips. This wasn’t death, but only a reminder that he couldn’t die. Not now. He rested while the station that surrounded him were in war. As he came back to normal with in 15 minutes, the elder who drank from the pool noticed him. With great speed he ran up the stairs pushing without care the very people he was to protect. They died on impact from his blood lust.

Out in space the fighters were having a hard time shooting down the rest of the eternals. The targets too small and their lasers and guns too weak to pierce what they deemed a force field. The pack were within minutes of the station. Alfus now drawing energy from them at a full 100percent. He ran to the docks where he would meet his friends, the rendezvous point. The one who drank, finally reaching Alfus.

“You are selfish. Hold eternity for yourself and dare to keep the stars as friends. What about us who reach for such glory?”

Alfus responded, “glory? Stars? This is a curse. I don’t want live forever, I never wanted this. Death doesn’t want me, the one prize, the one goal of men who were tired of living through pain… my friends and family are gone lost to the earth, unmentioned in history’s pages. You don’t want this.”

“I…” The elder said, before long the pack showed up.

“We could only, faintly sense him. He drank, but not enough. He will collapse. He isn’t compatible; his purpose unworthy.”

Alfus looked at him, ” you have a choice to make. Save our race. Or kill them all. We are incapable of reproduction.”

And then it happened. His choice decided the fate of his kind. Alfus, watched the elder go supernova. The thing that was holding the people of earth back, now gone. They were free to walk with eternity, free to feel.

This conclude the pansting series of five. I hope you all enjoyed it! More updates to come!

Universe: Singularity

“Do you think we will by chance be where he is?”

“Doubt it.”

“How many will die amongst us?”

Just in one was necessary to get them off of the sun. They knew it couldn’t be done without a collective, two people required to end their solar prison. They could die and destabilize their bodies to warp them out of time and space; a black hole. They called it, singularity for multiple reasons. It’s never been done more than once, and when it was done they ended up on the sun. Could they do it and end up the sun was the real question, there was some calculation for this, an incomplete equation that would get them within a few parsecs from earth.

“Alfus, we come to take the earth.”

On the space station an indefinite quiescence lingered around the home of the people who called themselves “human.” In a conference among those of old, (certainly not older than Alfus) they were of emotion who chose to, instead live to converse about the peculiar situation.

“So? We aren’t crying… but they are silent! Who do they know how to know that they don’t know what to feel?”

“Are they not perfect? The perfect “does not compute” act of loss has infinite possibilities.”

” I agree, the thrill of life has two answers. That fall on the realm of likes and dislikes. But, death!? Has the 4; like, dislike, regret and ignorance.”

“Are they melding? Is it a salad of emotion or a soup of emotion?”

They talked about the sentiments that befell the station. In truth Alfus always when he was ready murdered a select few when he was frustrated. They new he was weakened once he did with the precautions he had in place. If he wasn’t specially caged, it would have been effortless. They sent him down to their champion who would weaken him further for blood, to try to extract ethereal. They had one drop and since then, he had been careful. The conference of elders, if they had to be titled, glorified the droplet. They were linked together in goal, much like the “eternals” were in mind. They eagerly awaited for their champion to wear down an already weakened Alfus, for more blood. They watched Alfus fight the champion and eventually he won.

Then they realized, “Is he getting stronger?”


They scanned the sun and there they a ball of blue. The scanner acknowledged the area of lowered temperature and preceded to check with their oracle, for a visual. A solar flare blasted a few hundred miles out into space and then they saw a a large piece of the sun, collapse.

“Buh-lak Hol,” the elder said.

The brief moment on the sun un-coursed the station a few degrees off of its rotation. Even the earth’s floating pieces noticeably shifted. The sun destabilized for a few moments before replacing what it lost with a giant flare.

“Their gone… the oracle can’t find them.”

“How many?”



The age old question. One time in history the ninth eternal had created the cracked earth Alfus is now fought on. They remembered. The orcale alarmed and repeatedly announced for the rooms purpose, “WARNING, 6 objects detected one light year away from station.” It could be them. It had to be them.

The youngest elder suddenly detached himself from the ideal. In great fashion, he runs for the ethereal that was in the middle of the room. Drank the drop. The room was in silence and then because they had their human element in tact, they knew what was imminent once they saw his eyes glow. They too died. He called in the futuristic PA, battle stations everyone.

He walked some more steps and he felt it. The surge of everything. Anything that could be felt could be touched could be understood. And then he heard them.


Universe: Gravitas

“So, you want us to still keep him here? After he killed nine more of children?” The councilman flicked through the photos of the children bathed in blood in their space attire. He wasn’t angry, for he too was considered a human who has forgotten the trivialities of emotion. Yes that carnal or animalistic phenomena; why would it be called that, phenomena? The council members on the space colony looked on in quiescence.

Somewhere on the sun, one of them spoke,”remember that time we removed peoples brains for science?”

“Of course, we now remove the human component socially. Who knew that we clouded our minds with needless things like politics and fun. I could roll my eyes right now if they were here.”

“All the more reason why we were chosen by chaos and anomaly. We were able to keep being human despite the caveats that were present. They practically went crazy and died on their own accord.”

“Ha, you speak as if we did something great. All we did was become more greedy as we have always been, never willing to make sacrifices, but takes sacrifices nonetheless. Yeah, sure they gave up their emotions for increased brain power and technology, some may say they surpassed robots. They don’t even need upgrades or artificial life altering trinkets to keep the heart ticking…”

“How long did Alfus last say they could live for?”

“175 years as of 60 years ago or so…”

“Yes, average being 140.977482957820”

“And we live forever, cursed for wanting it all. Them, blessed for casting away the things that made us once selfish. They are smarter.”

Back on the spaceship, they being the powers that be, they, the order that had fluidity and dreamt of having one mind, their security happened to be those that had the powers of what they had called ethereal. The weren’t totally immune to Alfus oddity of power, where he could control weaker minds and kill with the blink of his eye. They could only bear it exuding minuscule twitches here and there. As Alfus was escorted towards the pod destined for Earth, he never fought back like he usually did. It was boring and creepy to him. No matter how much pain he inflicted they never groaned, cried or shed a splint of emotional intelligence. It frankly grossed him out to know they were still bled and broke like he did.

As he thought this, he was placed in the all glass pod, he then realized it. “Well shit.”

The persons on the sun heard the realization. “Aww. This is surreal, maybe we are better.”

“Alfus is heading to earth. Shall we meet him? Ride the solar flare we will. The last bit of pain we will endure, we must rectify our species.”

On earth Alfus landed on the shattered planet that managed to keep itself green. Its atmosphere kept itself intact after a mini-supernova beamed itself through the earths core. Somewhere around to what earth’s inhabitants called itself in a state of nirvana or golden age that happened. Alfus landed in the shattered area and found the anti-thesis to himself. The leader of the intellectually inclined dead carcasses that dared to call themselves humans. Gender wasn’t a thing so from his perspective, he heard “it” spoke, “so how shall we mutilate each other this century?”

Alfus responded, “this time let us get physical.” His eyes grew intensely blue like a sapphire and he lunged forward with his fist cocked back towards “it”.

Universe: 1st Quadrant

“I, a long time ago, lived in a world that was damaged by my kind repeatedly for nearly 1000 years. I remember it like it wasn’t yesterday, because now it is an afterthought. War broke out very soon after we, the humans took to the stars to live. If you know anything about mankind, destruction and controversy must follow and to protect ourselves, the civilized men in the stars, we created weapons of mass destruction that hung down over the earth. Perhaps we thought, since the weapons were below us on our home we were in the heavens, risen and living above petty human squabbling. We in were fact human, no genetic natural mutations, no cloning, no Android parts (unless you lost a limb) and certainly no assistance from a god; we made ourselves live forever. Which brings the question you are all wondering, how old am I? Why do I look like I am 17, but speak like I am 300?” The man scanned the room looking for one to answer his question. Sure with enough searching one boy lifted his hand and he pointed to it.

“The advance of technology in year 2347… the E-3986 serum. Also known as the Eternal Gas or Ethereal.” The man nodded his head in approval after the boy spoke. At this point in history, children were taught so well they could hold four times the amount of information three generations of fully qualified professors from say Harvard could hold in their lifetime. He needed no explanation from him, having witnessed the growth of human society from the valleys of earth to the celestial emptiness of space.

“That’s right. I have no reason to even tell you a story. You already know.” The man got up from his chair floating towards the glass. Throughout his sentence he man raised his voice progressively at the children who were no younger than 6 and no older than 10. “But what do you know? What if I said things like… fuck you? I hate you? What if I go and break your arm, you little shit?” He pounded at the glass as he spoke. A tear dropped out of his eye, whose iris was supposedly the must frigid able to stop a mans life who was bold enough to stare, but the children stared back, too ignorant of what the man knew was their short coming.

Shortly after, another man dressed in the same uniform as the children floated in. “Time to go,” he said robotically. The children floated out freely beyond the door and then it closed behind them. The man in white looked at the man draped in nothing but his skin. He laughed, no he pretended to laugh, that doesn’t exist here. “You truly are dangerous. I have 7 of you here. The others we sent to the sun are trapped on the sun, the only thing that can kill you is you apparently. You should give up, surely being in a glass case for 100 years causes a mental strain on you.”

The naked man peered into his eyes. The man in white started to bleed from his nose and quickly noticing his mistake, rushes for his glasses and puts them on. His once bloody running nose ended, leaving it to coagulate at a standstill. The man walked away, “amazingly eternal.” The automatic doors closed behind him.