40. A number, age and an abstract Pt. 1

So, to start off, I say hello to all. (A short  greeting) I use this title to play upon the last conversation’s segway into perception, using the title of course to do a little blending. So 40. A number, age or an abstract. Perception is one of the most powerful tools in a perons or group arsenal of social or even anti-social methods. Within every human being’s method of thought, perception is one of the most key component. Perception is able to create “right” or “wrong” instances even though fact, concrete evidence or plain simple logic dictates other wise. And even within sound logic, a person’s perception can be manipulated by the one with the more robust tone of thought through a simple avenue called speech (best example: Politicians). While perception is the most dangerous when you used improperly (For harm), it is also so very revolutionary in terms of our technology, food, economy and of course negotiations on a micro and macro level. Every piece of technology built on this earth, was based on the way an inventor perceived things; every war was stopped due to perception as well as every dish was prepared (yum). Amongst the plethora actions perception has shaped our world we must of course perceive what perception is. A more firm  and physical definition would describe it as the way we see, feel, touch, taste and hear our environment. And now the more complicated abstract definition; the way we identify with our world through understanding. So what is the argument that perception is dangerous? Through a physical means, perception or awareness is very limited in scope but yet differs greatly from person to person due to physical differences found between people. One thing is very certain 99% of the time. If we were to take 3 people from all over the world. Hot is hot, cold is cold, pain is pain, danger is danger, water is water, food is food and of course so on. In a biological sense as well, there is a innate reproductive sense between male and female if we were to make them opposite sexes. The physical side of perception allows for a cohesive unit of thought through sense between two people or more based on physiological similarities. Let us remember, perception is the way we identify with the world using our senses, we are merely on the physical aspect. The same way water can hydrate or drown a person is the same with all people and in some cases animals too. Like wise with high temperature.How we react to these physical stimuli creates a need. The mental aspect of perception allows for the materialization of a counter force to combat or make certain stimuli advantageous in a physical or abstract sense; this is where perception begins to show its true power.


The 39th Drop? What is.

The 39th fall wasn’t something that was, for me at least, something I attempted or determined to do. In the bible, it says a man falls seven times, along with other religions or religious books, that forgiveness whether by a man or a deity is unconditional until ultimate serenity is reached. What determines a fall? Does it mean that at one point before being “upright,” a decision that was out of my control led me to leave my internal peace? External peace? Who determines what is right or wrong? Is it our innate morals of guilt that we are born with guide is to a life that is “morally” correct? If we were born and became able to move with no knowledge of anything and it rained, “instincts” supposedly tells us to seek shelter. If the same situations is applied to meeting another person we would do one of three things as per our instincts; try to communicate, attack or flee. Is there an internal instinct that helps us determine that we fell? How do we determine that it  is genuine without our environment? This is just me typing a thought, an idea. If a man or woman doesn’t feel he or she is wrong, are they still wrong? If the world is reality then how can the world be as we percieve it to be? Reality by defenition is universal. Perception is not. Are we imposing upon our freedom of perception to force a farce of a reality on others causing them to fall? The 39th drop is just a moment of my mind to make peace of itself. I am not happy about certain things in my life from what I have done or currently did do, but by my standards. It is an intermingling mix of ideas, wisdom and knowledge that allow me based on who I am that determines that I fell today or yesterday at that point of my life. It is quite impossible to blank slate anyone but, if we blank slated myself, could I still say at being a basic human without interaction of another person to say that I fell at this point? The 39th drop, is not a fall but, maybe a stock chart. It is still going, with constant dips but, also with constant acensions. As the thought process about what a fall is can be critiqued so can an ascension. This maybe nonsense, or a nerd storm, but what is life without a person wanting to converse about it?

-Omnibus Writing-

Twenty-1st Post

The man who never knew

“There comes a time for men when a special woman changes their way of thinking…No no no” a soft voice says. “There are situations that arise that allow a man to go through a metamorphosis when meeting that special woman…” says the voice in a more confident tone. The man gets up out of his chair and paces back and forth until his wife knocks. *Two thumps*. The door opens slowly. Long black hair swings from the end off the door into the room followed by a beautiful womanly tilted face with a warming smile…”Dinner is ready babe!” she happily says. A warming smile turns into a look of confusion from Janice “why are you pacing back and forth?”. “Get out!” Bill screams, causing her to sigh and slowly pull the door in behind her closing it softly. Bill plops himself in the chair, head in hand, rotating his freshly brushed gold wedding band. He gets up opens the window… looks out… thinks to himself that 3 months in his marriage he has been really trying to be the husband she needs. He looks down at the sill, teary eyed. Like a fog rolling into a bay, the aroma of his wife’s cooking hits his nose awaking his stomach. He folds his laptop and exits his office walking towards the kitchen like a dog with a tail between his legs, finding his wife Janice, sitting and waiting for him with a smile on her face…




In the face of my blog not achieving the success of what I envisioned it to be as yet, I will still say that I am not giving up nor am I slacking but rather figuring out ideas to make this a delight as well as interesting to draw people to join! It has really been in adventure and still is, if I pull through this (which I will) I guess I will be king of WordPress! Joking! So let’s see if I can weather the drought, I hope my poems have been good and inspirational. I hope my writings have fostered and festered social awareness or thoughts. Before I end this note, if you a follower or a passer byer have any tips and ideas for me please drop them in the comment section below! I am sad but I am driven!

19th blog…


(The pictures words are the first lines of the poem)

Thats what you say…
What about the constant
What about the illogical
These things you toss inside

Out of greed, jealousy and…
Selfish imaginations… Evil
Mistake… I think premeditated
Intentional, purposefully
Consciously unconcious we are.

You don’t know
You don’t care
You said we could
We don’t remember

Ignorant as well. The blunder
Both sides the controller and
The restrained, both fit this invoice.
The power alone makes everyone gaga
The drive for fiat makes everyone a fiasco

Crazy, for more, though filled to the brim
Failure, because they miss the point
There is no value in a symbol
Neither meaning in a commodity
The fish is hooked, the fisherman
Is a glutton, the stage is not the sea.

Beached ourselves into death.

Let me see the record straight.
Let me show you the doors of your haven.
Let me portray, the revealed truth.
Let me display my loveless sympathy.
Grasp this concept.

17 times and counting.


From a Man’s inquiry
      And a persons answers

What is life?
A collection
A way, no a road
A thought

How should it go?
Pure joy no hurt
All positive no negative
Optimism… Now I’m skeptical

That’s what we want
That’s what it should be
That’s not what it is…

Why care?
We are living it
It is living us
It’s ours

How do you know?
I don’t feel that way
I don’t feel in control
I don’t feel sure

Is it life?
Is it beyond just a breath?
Is it more than thoughts?
Is it controllable?

What do you want it to be?
How can you get to that figurative place?
What ever it takes
Make a dream a reality
Make reality a joy for others

Is That what you think?
That is what I know?


In time the 16th should tell


The time has come, good morning/afternoon followers, likers, and word press community! It has been a real challenge to post as much as I would like to but, with this being my last semester, all these classes, clearing my head for my book and getting to create a couple things for my book… I have not been able to share my all as evenly as possible. So I do apologize to those who would like to follow and think that I am “inconsistent” because you are right for the time being. I do however, want you to follow if I, my words or my posts are interesting though! So in time I hope to reach a sizeable enough community here so that I can hopefully bring you all in to my world…Muahaha. Is “muahaha” a word? OKAY. So you guys by now have realized my pictures are pretty indicative of my posts but my titles are not if you have been watching me. So yes the art of time or more specifically time managing is once that is predominately for the most part managed by our environment. If you are wealthy with free time you are capable of making your own time because you are not bound to a persons time. For the 97-98 percent of us in this world… We are constantly on someone else’s time or we must work our time around there time! It is this, one fundamental art that can make us or break us. It is the defining line between success and failure, love and hate, etc and etc as if time and emphasis go hand in hand of which in certain respects it does. I personally need to time manage more efficiently. So my experience with time is not good but it is not bad! How is your experience with time managing or just time in general? How do you feel about it? Let’s Talk!