Universe: Singularity

“Do you think we will by chance be where he is?”

“Doubt it.”

“How many will die amongst us?”

Just in one was necessary to get them off of the sun. They knew it couldn’t be done without a collective, two people required to end their solar prison. They could die and destabilize their bodies to warp them out of time and space; a black hole. They called it, singularity for multiple reasons. It’s never been done more than once, and when it was done they ended up on the sun. Could they do it and end up the sun was the real question, there was some calculation for this, an incomplete equation that would get them within a few parsecs from earth.

“Alfus, we come to take the earth.”

On the space station an indefinite quiescence lingered around the home of the people who called themselves “human.” In a conference among those of old, (certainly not older than Alfus) they were of emotion who chose to, instead live to converse about the peculiar situation.

“So? We aren’t crying… but they are silent! Who do they know how to know that they don’t know what to feel?”

“Are they not perfect? The perfect “does not compute” act of loss has infinite possibilities.”

” I agree, the thrill of life has two answers. That fall on the realm of likes and dislikes. But, death!? Has the 4; like, dislike, regret and ignorance.”

“Are they melding? Is it a salad of emotion or a soup of emotion?”

They talked about the sentiments that befell the station. In truth Alfus always when he was ready murdered a select few when he was frustrated. They new he was weakened once he did with the precautions he had in place. If he wasn’t specially caged, it would have been effortless. They sent him down to their champion who would weaken him further for blood, to try to extract ethereal. They had one drop and since then, he had been careful. The conference of elders, if they had to be titled, glorified the droplet. They were linked together in goal, much like the “eternals” were in mind. They eagerly awaited for their champion to wear down an already weakened Alfus, for more blood. They watched Alfus fight the champion and eventually he won.

Then they realized, “Is he getting stronger?”


They scanned the sun and there they a ball of blue. The scanner acknowledged the area of lowered temperature and preceded to check with their oracle, for a visual. A solar flare blasted a few hundred miles out into space and then they saw a a large piece of the sun, collapse.

“Buh-lak Hol,” the elder said.

The brief moment on the sun un-coursed the station a few degrees off of its rotation. Even the earth’s floating pieces noticeably shifted. The sun destabilized for a few moments before replacing what it lost with a giant flare.

“Their gone… the oracle can’t find them.”

“How many?”



The age old question. One time in history the ninth eternal had created the cracked earth Alfus is now fought on. They remembered. The orcale alarmed and repeatedly announced for the rooms purpose, “WARNING, 6 objects detected one light year away from station.” It could be them. It had to be them.

The youngest elder suddenly detached himself from the ideal. In great fashion, he runs for the ethereal that was in the middle of the room. Drank the drop. The room was in silence and then because they had their human element in tact, they knew what was imminent once they saw his eyes glow. They too died. He called in the futuristic PA, battle stations everyone.

He walked some more steps and he felt it. The surge of everything. Anything that could be felt could be touched could be understood. And then he heard them.



Universe: Heated Prison

“I hate Alfus. I hate Alfus. I hate Alfus. I hate…”

“Are you prepared to die?”

The sun was so hot that when the man turned his head, it looked as if his neck shrunk a little with ruffles of his skin melting. It was painful enough to talk, but to move was a pain he never wanted to experience again. He groaned, irritably, “You made me move. I didn’t want to feel that pain for another lifetime…” he saw the others, the seven others sitting amongst him also experiencing the ripping and melding of their bodies of their cells by the nuclear fusion and fission.

Once in awhile they would have to move, lest they sunk into the sun. They were able to walk on the surface, their bodies able to “chill” the surface; their skin ripped from their feet or which ever body part touched serving as a platform. They steadily rocked back and forth in silence, except the one who called out their leaders name repeatedly Alfus.

“He put us here. And he blocked us out mentally. He doesn’t give a damn.”

Meanwhile back on the station, there he was, Alfus the name they once collectively called from the sun, locked in a slumber behind the “glass” of his prison. The vent above constantly breathing out a sleep toxin, and him inhaling its poison. Once it stopped, the ppm dropped ever slow slightly and he was instantly awoken. He hopped up and once again, he was tasked with continuing the learning process.

“Where did we leave off? Yes. That’s right… 2137…” he was about to continue once he cut short, hoping to find a reason to continue what he has done for multiple generations of children who passed through here. Today he was to try something new. He clasped his hand with great intention so much so, a sound wave emanated pass the glass throughout the space station whose size was larger than what they considered a class 4 asteroid. Then he listened. The observers weren’t in the room, he already knew their heartbeats. They weren’t there. They were downstairs on break.

The children tried to comprehend why he’d clapped so hard, why he was now meditating. “Sir, schedule dictates you feed us the lesson. If you will not, I was instructed to tell…”

“Tell you what? I’m about to teach you one of my special lessons.” He paced back and forth, “haven’t you wondered, why they keep me in here?”

“You are a dangerous war criminal.”

“You have ethereal anomalies allowing you to do extraordinary actions.”

“We want your blood.”

“Cryptic isn’t it. Yet you want to live in peace? What was the last war you’ve hand since my time?” He stopped and looked around the room. He methodically clapped really loudly once more. Then listening. ” You all,” he scanned the room. The kids still as robotic as ever. Except one. The one he caught in his peripherals, he honed in on the sound of his heart. ” Don’t you think it’d be easier for me to live in peace? Then you all could live in peace? You know your history. I exiled my team for peace and yet in the thick of the night, BAMM!!!!” He slapped his hand on the glass, and a loud noise shot forward towards the children who didn’t even flinch except the one. And it was then he got scared. Scared enough for himself to be taken over by Alfus.

He got up.

The kids turned and watched him as if they were sentry’s. “Why have you stood HR-201?”

He turned around and walked away.

“What are you doing HR-201?” Another female child said.

He got to the door and locked the room with a push of a button and dropped dead.

It took awhile, but some of the children started to stare with something retro in their eyes. Half of the group were trapped in a stasis of emotion. The other half stayed fixated on Alfus. When they, the children who watched HR-201 break protocol, essentially making them realizing only the ignorance of him locking them in, they turned to Alfus who with a devilish smile, flared his eyes with a bright fluorescent light. They in a moment of mere attosecond, dropped to the floor only after their heads exploded. They blood splatter spread throughout the room and the children who were still alive remained calm. The alarm sounded. Resonating throughout the secret compartment of the space station. Men in white walked in horrified with their shades on.

“You sick fuck!!!” One screamed.

The others remained truly emotionless.

Alfus, sat down on the floor still blissfully smiling. ” I’m sorry if you didn’t already master this. Controlling death itself is evil enough, but children? Free will? You will all die if you don’t stop. I give you all 1 year from today to think about this.”

Back on the sun, they all stood in alliance. “He is ready.”

Post 8. Morning’s for Writing

In the evening no one is realeased, I hate that guy. I must learn to cooperate with him I guess. Goodmorning everyone, it is I, the one and only I. WordPress and followers I am closing in on the end of my novella, I am about 15k words to the finish. Before you say wait, hold up, 15k words is a lot, I catch writing fever towards the end of my manuscripts. ūü§° Two to three weeks from now I should be done at the least. Now on to the nice picture with the nice caption. Morning writing is the best for me. In the morning I come fresh out of dream land ready to type away. I wake up from 4 to about 6 am ready to write for about 3 to 4 hours. I put away my world and go back into my self induced dream. Except I can move. That’s important. Editing is my worst enemy truth be told, I must overcome him if I am ever to release something. I spent 4 months away from Kamikaze and Lawyer in the Sand. I am ready to tackle them. Working on the J. Tinton novella is so fun because of how I am writing, I get a biy of leeway with grammar and structure. To me it’s shaping up. Love it. I love writing. I can confidently say that. I LOVE WRITING! Time to make friends with the editor. Ciao.ūüėÄ

Post 3. Something New

As I think back to myself… Sorry. Good morning followers and WordPress community! As I was. As I think back to to myself as a younger person or child… yeah child… I remember hating to read, although I am an awesome reader. I really wonder how I got to a point where I want to actually write novels and being known for it. My vision is for some of my novels to make it to the big screen. Yay. Its going to be very hard and I am not getting any younger. My vision after that is to create comics. Even this, I am scratching my head on because as a child, I hated reading! Although I was very awesome at it. I remember seventh grade I was creating comics in class… it was very basic but! Some of my classmates found it interesting (I used to draw a bit), the story board at least. So now we are here, in 2016, 2 years-ish into me blogging, 3 years into me declaring myself as an author though, I am unpublished. I am thinking to myself yet again (I think and talk to myself alot) why am I no closer to my goal? Or maybe in retrospect, I really am closer. I have many projects started and one nearly completed save for editing and editing and editing. The when is what is eating me up but, I am still determined. So today, as part of a strategy to gain more followers of my authorship, I am planning to release 3 short stories and 1 novel this year. That way I can at least get everyone used to my style and just me. I do love to inspire thought into my novels/novellas and get people talking. I think that is the most fulfilling thing I can get out of my fan base besides support. I just need to do right by you and put out a product. I am in a weird space on what to do to finally execute. I am scared. Mentally. Too many “what ifs” in my head. The AF has taught me to deal with that. Well, I was going to talk about something else but, I will save it for next post. Sayonara followers and WordPress community!!!

Post 1. A new chapter.

Well hello followers and WordPress community, welcome to 2017 and my page! As you all know by now I am a novelist and while I am not published as yet, I am currently working to find time between the Air Force and my very pregnant wife (yay me!) to write. I have found time but, as life would have it, no laptop. So I am currently waiting for my laptop to get here…. next week. Fret not! I have consolidated some of my novels and moved things around. I even managed to create another short story. This year is going to be about short stories and one full novel. I DO APOLOGIZE FOR LAST YEARS HICCUPS AND INDECISIVENESS! I am getting a more clearer release schedule that will benefit my readers and getting to know my style. So, I have been in the lab concocting a love potion for all of you skeptics and anticipators alike. A potion stronger than Love Potion Number 9. Hehe! Yes, I am in the Air Force as well. Currently in Technical training for 7 months so I will miss my sons birth. (Sad face) I will make it up to my new family, I owe to it them. It’s been challenging but, we are alright. My wife is very supportive of me and my dreams and I of hers 300 percent! What else is there to say, I don’t know. I would like to hear from you all, I will gladly take advice or any questions! Have a nice one everyone, and stay blogging!

25th post but the last of TMWNK

“You are the one who caused all of this tension”

“You are the one who caused all of this unnecessariness…”

“You are the one who……” faded words by Laura

“She said that?” Bill asks Lance and Carl. “Well, apparently that is the case… William” Carl says as he steps closer to Bill; “In all my years of life, I have poured my heart and soul into my two precious girls. I taught them about love in its entirety as far as my knowledge and feelings went. Then I met you, I did not like you at first but I did get to know you and I just knew you would make Janice happy. I never knew about your problems with her but after hearing today… I just have to say you sir are bird brain” Lance bursts out laughing and says “you never knew she knew?”. “I was never hiding anything from her, I just told the truth and assumed it was good enough, I did not think I had to talk to her about this…” Bill frustratedly speaks. “Bill, you have to realize that you were not understanding though you were listening. I suggest you go talk to your wife” Carl humbly says. Bill walks towards the door outside and stands next to Laura¬†who is holding a sleeved Starbucks coffee. Mist from her mouth exits and dissipates 3 times before she hears slow distant footsteps approaching her from behind. One the final step, that bill takes to parallel himself with Laura, a snow flake fell right before his face in slow motion. In that instance, he recalled the bad times he had treated his Janice and as the snowflake turned to the other side; his memories of the good times in a movie reel effect flashed before his eyes. Meanwhile in the recovery room, Janice who has been awake for a couple minutes, grabs her phone yet again, after calling, texts Laura to tell Bill to come to her room. Janice performs¬†frail¬†smiles. A nurse says “We need to induce labor, some one will get your husband”. Laura’s phone vibrates but she ignores it and turns to Bill apologizing, “I am sorry I attacked you and put the full the blame on you, although you are partly to blame”. “Janice should of spoke to you rather than to Jessie and not played this game or whatever she calls it” Laura says. “Why would you take advice from the woman who wants your husband? Why would you wait for a clueless ass man to realize something he does not see? Would you not tell him?” Laura angrily says. “I forgot she was like that, I remember when I first started to cook…” Bill chuckles and laughs; more snow in very light flurries of white dots fall from the sky scarcely. In the room,¬†Janice¬†is heard by nurse saying “At 11:05 we will move her to the delivery room, her husband should be in the lobby”. Loud uncontrollable resonating laughter comes from both Laura and Bill as Lance, Carl and a nurse walks towards them from the inside. “SHE REALLY HAD ME SIT THERE AND HAD ME CROSS EXAMINE MY COOKING!” Bill says out loud in a jubilant¬†manner as Laura ecstatically “WHEN I WAS 13, SHE WAS MAD AT ME¬†BECAUSE MY CHICKEN JALFREZI HAD NO FLAVOR…¬†I COULD NOT TELL HER WHY” Boisterous laughing fills the air as Carl and Lance approach them in a sprinting manner. With minimal air left in Carls lungs “William, Janice is going into labor!”. Bill frantically rushes towards the labor room with Laura, Carl and Lance trailing. Bill walks in and with confidence not even looking back to his brother Lance and his extended family for assurance. The nurse directs Lance, Laura and Carl to the lobby to wait, as the door shuts behind Bill. A joyous smile followed by tears floods the face of a weakened Janice. Bill sits in the seat of a man that is about to become a father. He grabs Janice’s hand and holds it with a passionate embrace, then looks at the nurse saying “She can push”. Janice looks at Bill, “No honey, your crazy”. Laughter fills the room as the Dr. Schatner proceeds to give an¬†epidural to Janice. In the waiting room, Laura and Lance are talking while Carl gets up and grabs some coffee, Laura’s phone vibrates indicating her of 3 missed message. “Your not going to read that?” Lance says; Laura opens the phone and reads the message. The 3rd reads:

“I heard you from outside. Keep it down this is a hospital.
Go easy on me when I am done and thank you for having my our back”

“Ugh, my sister is so annoying, even in labor” says Laura. “Bill and Janice, your new baby girl”. A re-exchange of vows. Gabrielle Patricia Felwinter. “I never knew it was a girl”


Number 24… TMWNK


The man who never knew

“I love you… the day we wed

the day I laid you in bed

I knew it was the day” – Bill repeating a haiku he wrote after their honeymoon, with Janice’s hand smashed against his mouth in tears. The background noise of the ambulance, Lance and the paramedics sounding distant from his mind. “Is the baby going to be fine?” a boisterous Lance screams, intruding¬†the deep recesses of Bills mind, dumping him back at the matter at hand; reality. The paramedic says to Lance “I am sorry sir you are a relative, not her husband, we cannot divulge that…”, “Answer the goddamn question. Is my baby alright?” a red eyed, snot nosed Bill assertively states. An awkward silence consumes the ambulance cabin after his assertion, “Your wife, collapsed due to her anemia Mr. Felwinter, her baby should be fine but it seems her water broke in the process” the female paramedic softly answers back. The ambulance pulls up to the hospital with a stretcher coming out of the sliding doors. As the two paramedics pull out the still unconscious Janice, a car pulls up with speed with a stop so sudden the tires slid creating a screeching road against the asphalt with Laura and Carl seen in the front seat. Laura, Janice’s sister rushes out the car screaming “what happened to my sister!!!” and proceeds to attack Bill, with Bill defensively holding his hands out to keep distance away from her. In the background “1, 2, 3 lift!” is heard by Lance by the paramedics as they rush in to carry Janice in to the emergency room meanwhile Carl, Janice’s father tries to stop and calm an enraged Laura. “Laura, calm down, please!” Carl pleads, “NO! How about you go and be with that bitch! I am sure that is where you want to be! I do not care what Janice says, I know that is your child.” Laura yells. Lance and Carl silently ¬†look at Bill as Bill looks at Laura, turns, grabs his jacket and runs after Janice who is being led in to the emergency room. Lance looks at Laura and says “Bill may have neglected Janice, Laura but he is not no cheater, what Jessie and Bill have is brother sister relationship that I admit is closer than normal but he loves your sister…”. “Fuck off Lance” Laura calmly says and walks pass him with tears in her eyes toward the room. Carl walks up and hugs Lance, they both head inside. Through the hallway, an echo of Lance cellphone ringtone is heard. Lance scrambles to check his pockets but finds no phone. Carl turns and says “look she is bringing it to you, you must’ve left it in the ambulance”. “Thank you so much!” Carl tells the paramedic and proceeds to answer “Hello?”. “Hey Lance, where is Bill?” Jessie asks. “Uhh, Jessie right now, Bill is with his wife, there has been an accident. We are at the hospital.” said Lance. “Jessie… did you and Bill ever knock boots, hook up… ya know have sex?” asks Lance. Laura slowly exiting the door of the ER and approaches Lance. “Lance, I know Janice had her suspicion but she and I have talked about this already. The answer is no. Your family took me in and yes, I admit me and Bill have always loved each other but…” a sigh breaks her sentence then she continues, “He does not love me the way I wanted him to. So I decided to try to seduce him and be as close as him as I can to make sure no other woman that is undeserving gets him. Then that one day Janice stepped into the picture.” “Jessie look. I do not want to hear all of that. I just want to know if you guys did anything…” Lance gets cut off and thrown off guard as Laura snatches the phone. “Jessie”