Post 11. Slow Day

The moment passes me still

So fast, so fast. The stagnant I,

Stays grounded in transition,

The crossroads where a choice is present

Is unappealing. The want near naught

The will close to will not.

Yet! I complain. Motivate! I scream

Mentally; that drains me. Ah well

Ah well. These are periods of rest,

Recuperative thought, my next move,

Always the biggest, my last move

Always the step. Up the ladder I go,

I deserve a memorable rest.


Post 9. The First Final Frontier

A region in which reason exists

A place for space to be comprehended

The zone they thought was the omega

Why neglect the one thing yet truly explored

Physical state is something of marvel

The only organ that has a mental side

The only thing keeping you from absence

Why not sojourn me, once you understand

Wisdom brings you to the world you seek

Traverse the incline where it exists

I am a depth of empty thoughts

Not because of self induced void

But because of the mountain of neglect.

Post 6. Night Undeclared.

         Imagine this, absent spherical illuminescence.

      The night filled with stars but, none to look up to.

                                    Your nights sub par.

So, what do you, with the ruler of the night gone?

The who quietly reigns in partiality.

The one that when fully visible in the publics eye, 

they wish there was no sun.

At that moment, they want me to stay a little longer…

Just an extended stay, before the bright ray…

Peaks over the horizon to stay.

Post 5. The Homebound Wanderer

A footstep forward, ever closer to home

I know where I must go but, should I make it

Could I do it, my heart says no. I made this journey

But, it isn’t an adventure. There is no purpose,

There is no thrill, there is me seeking will.

Me trying to find, the power to fly, back to my

Abode, where I dwell in solace and in company.

That will and power I find a long the way will be

Worth it. Yes! It certainly will. Until then, I must walk,

Traverse the cities and towns, tread the mountains and hills

Sail the seas and oceans, navigate through my mind.

I wander till I stumble upon my home, where I can feel sane with myself alone.

Post 2. A poem of Solace

There is a time in ones life where you have to wonder

What am I suppose to do, this why must I ponder

Is it not just enough to live, and do what is most pleasing

That splendor of life is very much teasing.

The barriers of life, society, a singular force

Yet, a plural being transcending multiple planes,

Aims to block me from my heart and minds desires, of course.

Yes! Life is one giant game. Learn to play, land on broadway.

Ignore the rules land on broadway.

Understand the rules. Own broadway.

This is what we have been taught. But you not many understand.

Some choose to still stay in the stands.

Some choose to go with the flow, those coarse sands too are fluid.

Some rather go against the grain until, their life becomes lucid.

Against all odds, all 3 paths choose to struggle. 

Forever progression to a path of comfort, though some may never find

Or even taste that thing in the world that to them binds.


I close the doors and windows of my soul

Just to find a sight with in that can reflect me as a whole

Now console, while I consider

To stress and a headache, them my mind I deliver

Life pacing is as fast as a river

It rages but the sound is deceptive, I can barely hear quivers

It’s like quick silver, or maybe molten lava

End my suffering in seconds, by heat or unexplained phenomena

My suffering be quick enough for me to feel no pain

Death whether felt or not still probably feels the same

Just a reflection of a life that drove me insane

Because the directions weren’t clear enough

Bad enough weather on my windows pane

That’s what it is, smart to realize

My real eyes can see bullshit apart from lovely pies

I look up pass the atmosphere to the dark lit skies

Or maybe abyss, from here I can’t tell which is which

If one had a broom, my view would quickly switch

That’s how senseless my path is, but I see gold

Like the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow

I think that at the end it’s better as far as the notion of rain goes

A peace sign, to end all suffering

I drive to greatness, I hope it doesn’t leave when it hears my engine muttering….

Awkward. 45th Post.

I am what I am.

I don’t like to talk… unless

We have something to talk about.

Maybe by my standards, maybe just maybe

It leaves a ending that requires more than a maybe

You know. Grounds for more conversation. Maybe.

I don’t want no one around me… unless

We do something… even then that’s not what I want

Even then that’s something I look for

Even then I will leave if there is nothing to do.

I talk to myself internally. Very frequently. 

I am smarter than I am. I often challenge my status quo

Of who I think I am. Laughed at by the peers of myself.

The real me just as smart but, the reality no smarter than.

I love a lot but, don’t show much. I love a little less.

Reserved or selfish, the lines are blurred. I am very selfless.

Self is gone when I love. Self is in a safe position when act.

Unconditional maybe, is what I lack. Surround myself with me…

So I can engulf you with me. Just sit there and stay there.

Understand, but don’t mention it. Know, but don’t ask.