Post 6. Night Undeclared.

         Imagine this, absent spherical illuminescence.

      The night filled with stars but, none to look up to.

                                    Your nights sub par.

So, what do you, with the ruler of the night gone?

The who quietly reigns in partiality.

The one that when fully visible in the publics eye, 

they wish there was no sun.

At that moment, they want me to stay a little longer…

Just an extended stay, before the bright ray…

Peaks over the horizon to stay.


The 39th Drop? What is.

The 39th fall wasn’t something that was, for me at least, something I attempted or determined to do. In the bible, it says a man falls seven times, along with other religions or religious books, that forgiveness whether by a man or a deity is unconditional until ultimate serenity is reached. What determines a fall? Does it mean that at one point before being “upright,” a decision that was out of my control led me to leave my internal peace? External peace? Who determines what is right or wrong? Is it our innate morals of guilt that we are born with guide is to a life that is “morally” correct? If we were born and became able to move with no knowledge of anything and it rained, “instincts” supposedly tells us to seek shelter. If the same situations is applied to meeting another person we would do one of three things as per our instincts; try to communicate, attack or flee. Is there an internal instinct that helps us determine that we fell? How do we determine that it ┬áis genuine without our environment? This is just me typing a thought, an idea. If a man or woman doesn’t feel he or she is wrong, are they still wrong? If the world is reality then how can the world be as we percieve it to be? Reality by defenition is universal. Perception is not. Are we imposing upon our freedom of perception to force a farce of a reality on others causing them to fall? The 39th drop is just a moment of my mind to make peace of itself. I am not happy about certain things in my life from what I have done or currently did do, but by my standards. It is an intermingling mix of ideas, wisdom and knowledge that allow me based on who I am that determines that I fell today or yesterday at that point of my life. It is quite impossible to blank slate anyone but, if we blank slated myself, could I still say at being a basic human without interaction of another person to say that I fell at this point? The 39th drop, is not a fall but, maybe a stock chart. It is still going, with constant dips but, also with constant acensions. As the thought process about what a fall is can be critiqued so can an ascension. This maybe nonsense, or a nerd storm, but what is life without a person wanting to converse about it?

-Omnibus Writing-

32nd about a book called…


Followers, passer-byers and WordPress! How are you on this Monday? I mentioned in the last post, I would be doing my first book review in my next post. Well lets do it! Without further ado I introduce to you war/SONG: Hymnal I by Miss Vanessa Gravenstein. (Please note I have not done a book review before) Hymnal I is the first installment of the war/SONG series. It starts out dark whilst dropping you into the middle of a scene of suspense and action with Drew Sunisiard who is the lead protagonist and a very powerful magi of fire. He is apparently part of a rag tag coven of other powerful magi sworn with battling with… VAMPIRES! Before you think Twilight read on. The opening scenes were masterfully descriptive and very colorful as the author showcases her use of diction to keep you involved as if you were in a movie. This comment does is not limited to only the opening pages, I joke not. Take this part for instance “He was silent as she ascended the stairs, the bright lights from above casing a shadow that lingered after she herself, with her venomous words and enhancing laughter, had vanished. The quiet seemed to shovel itself in upon him, and from the depths a poem pirouetted through his mind” If you liked that there is more where that came from. Though it is a short read, Gravenstein does a great job of introducing nearly 10 characters providing you with a plethora of information about them while sneaking in subtle hierarchies and histories to make sure you are well informed. The setting does not fully reveal itself until later on in the book which was interesting and definitely a surprise. It is a good thing. The flow of information is definitely crafty. The last part of the book was the surprise, let’s just say for semi-mature audiences only.

Final thoughts:
war/SONG Hymnal I is a book that has all the parts to makes it the vampire book it is: the battle for the protection of humans, however humans are not really too much apart of the equation. Who is the bad guys or who is the good guys are not too aparent but what I will say is any cliche you try to throw at this book while reading it will be rejected and turned upside down. The added sultriness, crude humor and taboo sexual realism creates a story that is far from the usual. Its different due to the way the author establishes her dominance in a genre through capturing the reader in her world.

To read or not to read? Read it. If this is not a genre for you? Read it! If it is prepare to add this one to your list!

The 23rd blog….TMWNK

The man who never knew


A look over the shoulder. A look in the face of the man of whom she questions love. Another doorbell ring. Janice gets up slowly taking her half-eaten dish to the sink. Bill walks to the door, looks at the screen from a hidden compartment in the wall showing his friend Lance at the door. He opens the door and Lance walks in and gives Bill a hug “William you son of a bitch! How are you?”. Bill walks away into the living room leaving Lance at the door with a confused but monotone look on his face. Lance taking a few steps to the entrance of the living room, then leaning on the wall watching Janice washing the dishes and Bill grabbing his trench coat form off the couch. “Janice, how are you? I thought you would be at the restaurant tonight?” Lance uttered as he walked towards and gave her a hug. “I wanted to have at least a dinner with William before I left for Zurich, our anniversary just happens to fall on a bad time” Janice semi-cheerfully explains. Bill’s voice from the hall is heard saying “Babe, I am just going to take Lance with me to Josie’s and Junior’s, meet me at the bar in an hour okay?”. Janice walks over to Bills plate to pick it up as a response of “Okay Bill I….” is interrupted by silence as Janice faints, dropping to the floor. A crash of ceramics and glass breaking and splintering around the room is succeeded by trampling footsteps running towards Janice’s aid. “Janice!!!!” Bill and Lance simultaneously shout out from their lungs, with Bill bursting through the halls of his house like a raging bull running towards the dining room table. Lance as Janice falls manages to reach her quickly enough, only to catch her head before it hit the floor, incurring scratches and lacerations from the glass and ceramic. Lance already holding her on the floor yells “Call an ambulance William!”. Bill slides trying to stop and frantically whips out his cellphone calling 911. William and Lance proceed to lift and carry limp-bodied Janice to the couch where Bill holds her tight in tears. The ambulance moments later pulls up to the house, with the crew rushing out of there cars with Lance in the background screaming “Hurry up!” as a teary Bill with Janice in arms meets the stretcher and ambulance crew. Inside on the floor, Bills cellphone rings with 2 missed calls and now a third… *ring, ring, ring* is drowned out by the noise outside by neighbors and the scene in front of the house. The caller ID reads J&J.


The man who never knew for 22.

The man who never knew

An approach to the table. Shameful movement from the pulling out of the chair to the seating motion. Janice clears her throat softly….Bill in the midst of take a seat knees bent paused with concern like wide open eyes. “Im ok William, I made the food a little too spicy!” Janice cheerfully says. He resumes sitting down grabbing his seat, “But you have not had a bite yet, how could you tell!?” Bill happily says. “I don’t know babe… its like my nostrils just grabbed the smell and smacked it against my throat, oh and I am a chef, yes that maybe a good reason!” she laughs. Bill laughs with her and says well “I need senses like those, whenever I go on these book tours I always end up in these horrible restaurants my publicist chooses!”. “How is Josie by the way, is she okay since the pregnancy?” is what Janice says, as she takes a bite out of her spicy chicken. Bill chokes up, dropping his fork with food smiling on his careful organized and sectioned meal. He looks up realizing that Janice’s demeanor is still happy and that the change of aura is around him only. Bill takes a breath and softly says “She is ok, she is still recovering due to the complications… and Jr. is just fine, I am going to see him around 7:15”. Janice gets up from her chair and slowly walks to the stereo system, takes her iPod from her pocket and plays some sort of romantic era music. She returns to her chair pinning up her long hair. She picks up her fork, looks up “Are you okay?”. “Janice, I know it has been rough on you with me, Josie and Junior. You have to know that I just have to support her”. “You never ask about Junior, he did not do anything to you Janice, you should at least care in some sort of capacity” Bill sternly exclaims. Janice stays silent continuing her meal. Bill stares at her as a slow rage starts to boil from the depths of his heart and mind. Just as he gets up and approaches her, Janice looks up and the door bell rings…


19th blog…


(The pictures words are the first lines of the poem)

Thats what you say…
What about the constant
What about the illogical
These things you toss inside

Out of greed, jealousy and…
Selfish imaginations… Evil
Mistake… I think premeditated
Intentional, purposefully
Consciously unconcious we are.

You don’t know
You don’t care
You said we could
We don’t remember

Ignorant as well. The blunder
Both sides the controller and
The restrained, both fit this invoice.
The power alone makes everyone gaga
The drive for fiat makes everyone a fiasco

Crazy, for more, though filled to the brim
Failure, because they miss the point
There is no value in a symbol
Neither meaning in a commodity
The fish is hooked, the fisherman
Is a glutton, the stage is not the sea.

Beached ourselves into death.

Let me see the record straight.
Let me show you the doors of your haven.
Let me portray, the revealed truth.
Let me display my loveless sympathy.
Grasp this concept.

In the spirit of blogs…#18


The vOiD…

It doesn’t make sense

Neither does it matter

So black, so empty

Had nothing has nothing

Wants all, as if yearning

Purpose driven but no purpose

Because even from the vOiD

There is a glimmer of hope

From where I sit it is only dark

Shadows, with nebulous intent

Only to throw murky hands

In an embracing moment…

Is this what it means to be warm

Is this what it means to be selfish

Intent versus perception

Because even in the vOiD

All meanings matter

But matter means nothing

Unseeable, in a shroud of mystery

A gloom so malevolent…

Killed by a unaudible sound

Of peace…