Just a little poetry. Call it what you want. Title suggestions???

I find solace in myself amidst the war outside… My troubles are close and my dreams await in peace outside of my grasp…

Solitude and confinement eases the mind and tempts the heart

Jovial accords instill ignorance to my reality

Live in the moment or die in the abyss, two halves of a circle twisted

Infinity now, live in the abyss and die in the moment

That’s more like it, that’s more like it, now it makes sense


40. A number, age and an abstract Pt. 1

So, to start off, I say hello to all. (A short  greeting) I use this title to play upon the last conversation’s segway into perception, using the title of course to do a little blending. So 40. A number, age or an abstract. Perception is one of the most powerful tools in a perons or group arsenal of social or even anti-social methods. Within every human being’s method of thought, perception is one of the most key component. Perception is able to create “right” or “wrong” instances even though fact, concrete evidence or plain simple logic dictates other wise. And even within sound logic, a person’s perception can be manipulated by the one with the more robust tone of thought through a simple avenue called speech (best example: Politicians). While perception is the most dangerous when you used improperly (For harm), it is also so very revolutionary in terms of our technology, food, economy and of course negotiations on a micro and macro level. Every piece of technology built on this earth, was based on the way an inventor perceived things; every war was stopped due to perception as well as every dish was prepared (yum). Amongst the plethora actions perception has shaped our world we must of course perceive what perception is. A more firm  and physical definition would describe it as the way we see, feel, touch, taste and hear our environment. And now the more complicated abstract definition; the way we identify with our world through understanding. So what is the argument that perception is dangerous? Through a physical means, perception or awareness is very limited in scope but yet differs greatly from person to person due to physical differences found between people. One thing is very certain 99% of the time. If we were to take 3 people from all over the world. Hot is hot, cold is cold, pain is pain, danger is danger, water is water, food is food and of course so on. In a biological sense as well, there is a innate reproductive sense between male and female if we were to make them opposite sexes. The physical side of perception allows for a cohesive unit of thought through sense between two people or more based on physiological similarities. Let us remember, perception is the way we identify with the world using our senses, we are merely on the physical aspect. The same way water can hydrate or drown a person is the same with all people and in some cases animals too. Like wise with high temperature.How we react to these physical stimuli creates a need. The mental aspect of perception allows for the materialization of a counter force to combat or make certain stimuli advantageous in a physical or abstract sense; this is where perception begins to show its true power.

More than 26 times I forgot what this meant.



I am taking up the challenge to do NaNoWriMo. Why? To get better? To get better at what. Please. Writing of course. I am 5k words in even though it did not start yet because cheaters prosper. Ha! also because I am in school. Well at any rate, Hello Word Press and followers and such! It has been awhile since we last talked and I am pumped because my story is coming along very fine! I hope all of you enjoyed “The man who never knew”. It was my first ever online short story submission so bare with the mistakes and what not. I have received good reviews from the 6 people I got reviews from, so it is not that bad! Trust me it is good! If you have not already read it they will be up FOREVER so no excuses! My next project “The Lawyer in the Sand” is currently in production. I will be sure to try to keep up with this blog posting environment called Word Press as much as I can during the month of November. If you do not see me, please feel free to hate me until I come back but no later! NaNoWriMo has challenged me I must answer the call! A writer’s gotta do what a writer’s gotta do! Once again please check out and like and follow! I also graduate from college in December! BYE for now!

19th blog…


(The pictures words are the first lines of the poem)

Thats what you say…
What about the constant
What about the illogical
These things you toss inside

Out of greed, jealousy and…
Selfish imaginations… Evil
Mistake… I think premeditated
Intentional, purposefully
Consciously unconcious we are.

You don’t know
You don’t care
You said we could
We don’t remember

Ignorant as well. The blunder
Both sides the controller and
The restrained, both fit this invoice.
The power alone makes everyone gaga
The drive for fiat makes everyone a fiasco

Crazy, for more, though filled to the brim
Failure, because they miss the point
There is no value in a symbol
Neither meaning in a commodity
The fish is hooked, the fisherman
Is a glutton, the stage is not the sea.

Beached ourselves into death.

Let me see the record straight.
Let me show you the doors of your haven.
Let me portray, the revealed truth.
Let me display my loveless sympathy.
Grasp this concept.

In the spirit of blogs…#18


The vOiD…

It doesn’t make sense

Neither does it matter

So black, so empty

Had nothing has nothing

Wants all, as if yearning

Purpose driven but no purpose

Because even from the vOiD

There is a glimmer of hope

From where I sit it is only dark

Shadows, with nebulous intent

Only to throw murky hands

In an embracing moment…

Is this what it means to be warm

Is this what it means to be selfish

Intent versus perception

Because even in the vOiD

All meanings matter

But matter means nothing

Unseeable, in a shroud of mystery

A gloom so malevolent…

Killed by a unaudible sound

Of peace…


17 times and counting.


From a Man’s inquiry
      And a persons answers

What is life?
A collection
A way, no a road
A thought

How should it go?
Pure joy no hurt
All positive no negative
Optimism… Now I’m skeptical

That’s what we want
That’s what it should be
That’s not what it is…

Why care?
We are living it
It is living us
It’s ours

How do you know?
I don’t feel that way
I don’t feel in control
I don’t feel sure

Is it life?
Is it beyond just a breath?
Is it more than thoughts?
Is it controllable?

What do you want it to be?
How can you get to that figurative place?
What ever it takes
Make a dream a reality
Make reality a joy for others

Is That what you think?
That is what I know?


15th is coming soon. As in today.

Today we will switch over to the genre of gaming. Before that, hello everyone! So yes the gaming industry as in video games has been a very lucrative business although many would argue the downsizing of certain studios show otherwise. If you have heard of Pokemon Red, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty and etc, those are video games that are wildly popular and have sold well to make millions of dollars. So yes Mr. Mundus, why the needless introduction? Well back in the 90’s complete games were made. If you buy a Super Mario game for say SNES you would get a complete Mario game as is. There were no updates or expansions and etc. If your game lacked content you would not sell!

Today’s games between Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and the master race PC is a bit different. Yeah every year they come with the graphics talk. The FPS talk. The power output talk. Numbers that only mean something to computer science majors. People who do not understand you need a big TV to take advantage of the best quality graphics. Oh of course games that are regurgitations of past games just like movies for example. Now that we got my rant out of the way. Todays post! I want to know how gamers out there feel about the “update era” and “expansion era” where you pay 60 dollars for an incomplete game only to be 9/10 times forced to play online and recieve updates while paying extra for expansions that honestly should of been in the game. There are many pluses and downsides to this, but provided I get comments I will share more of my thoughts! Let’s Talk!