Just a little poetry. Call it what you want. Title suggestions???

I find solace in myself amidst the war outside… My troubles are close and my dreams await in peace outside of my grasp…

Solitude and confinement eases the mind and tempts the heart

Jovial accords instill ignorance to my reality

Live in the moment or die in the abyss, two halves of a circle twisted

Infinity now, live in the abyss and die in the moment

That’s more like it, that’s more like it, now it makes sense


37th Update


So…  My little fam base here probably hates me but,  hello my flowers, passerby ery and of course the rest of the WordPress community! How have you been, I hope all is well! Okay so again, as you all know I am an aspiring author or some would say an author already. I finished my first novel The Lawyer in the Sand, which is awaiting professional editing. That will soon be done. So the deal with this photo is in celebration of me starting my second novel; A Designer’s Obsession: Debut. I will let the photo do all the talking as far as what is about. Everything else is still being worked on all in all! I am sorry for neglecting my WordPress followers and community. I shall remember to keep up with this page!  Feel free to follow me on my Facebook author page or Instagram!

32nd about a book called…


Followers, passer-byers and WordPress! How are you on this Monday? I mentioned in the last post, I would be doing my first book review in my next post. Well lets do it! Without further ado I introduce to you war/SONG: Hymnal I by Miss Vanessa Gravenstein. (Please note I have not done a book review before) Hymnal I is the first installment of the war/SONG series. It starts out dark whilst dropping you into the middle of a scene of suspense and action with Drew Sunisiard who is the lead protagonist and a very powerful magi of fire. He is apparently part of a rag tag coven of other powerful magi sworn with battling with… VAMPIRES! Before you think Twilight read on. The opening scenes were masterfully descriptive and very colorful as the author showcases her use of diction to keep you involved as if you were in a movie. This comment does is not limited to only the opening pages, I joke not. Take this part for instance “He was silent as she ascended the stairs, the bright lights from above casing a shadow that lingered after she herself, with her venomous words and enhancing laughter, had vanished. The quiet seemed to shovel itself in upon him, and from the depths a poem pirouetted through his mind” If you liked that there is more where that came from. Though it is a short read, Gravenstein does a great job of introducing nearly 10 characters providing you with a plethora of information about them while sneaking in subtle hierarchies and histories to make sure you are well informed. The setting does not fully reveal itself until later on in the book which was interesting and definitely a surprise. It is a good thing. The flow of information is definitely crafty. The last part of the book was the surprise, let’s just say for semi-mature audiences only.

Final thoughts:
war/SONG Hymnal I is a book that has all the parts to makes it the vampire book it is: the battle for the protection of humans, however humans are not really too much apart of the equation. Who is the bad guys or who is the good guys are not too aparent but what I will say is any cliche you try to throw at this book while reading it will be rejected and turned upside down. The added sultriness, crude humor and taboo sexual realism creates a story that is far from the usual. Its different due to the way the author establishes her dominance in a genre through capturing the reader in her world.

To read or not to read? Read it. If this is not a genre for you? Read it! If it is prepare to add this one to your list!

Number 24… TMWNK


The man who never knew

“I love you… the day we wed

the day I laid you in bed

I knew it was the day” – Bill repeating a haiku he wrote after their honeymoon, with Janice’s hand smashed against his mouth in tears. The background noise of the ambulance, Lance and the paramedics sounding distant from his mind. “Is the baby going to be fine?” a boisterous Lance screams, intruding the deep recesses of Bills mind, dumping him back at the matter at hand; reality. The paramedic says to Lance “I am sorry sir you are a relative, not her husband, we cannot divulge that…”, “Answer the goddamn question. Is my baby alright?” a red eyed, snot nosed Bill assertively states. An awkward silence consumes the ambulance cabin after his assertion, “Your wife, collapsed due to her anemia Mr. Felwinter, her baby should be fine but it seems her water broke in the process” the female paramedic softly answers back. The ambulance pulls up to the hospital with a stretcher coming out of the sliding doors. As the two paramedics pull out the still unconscious Janice, a car pulls up with speed with a stop so sudden the tires slid creating a screeching road against the asphalt with Laura and Carl seen in the front seat. Laura, Janice’s sister rushes out the car screaming “what happened to my sister!!!” and proceeds to attack Bill, with Bill defensively holding his hands out to keep distance away from her. In the background “1, 2, 3 lift!” is heard by Lance by the paramedics as they rush in to carry Janice in to the emergency room meanwhile Carl, Janice’s father tries to stop and calm an enraged Laura. “Laura, calm down, please!” Carl pleads, “NO! How about you go and be with that bitch! I am sure that is where you want to be! I do not care what Janice says, I know that is your child.” Laura yells. Lance and Carl silently  look at Bill as Bill looks at Laura, turns, grabs his jacket and runs after Janice who is being led in to the emergency room. Lance looks at Laura and says “Bill may have neglected Janice, Laura but he is not no cheater, what Jessie and Bill have is brother sister relationship that I admit is closer than normal but he loves your sister…”. “Fuck off Lance” Laura calmly says and walks pass him with tears in her eyes toward the room. Carl walks up and hugs Lance, they both head inside. Through the hallway, an echo of Lance cellphone ringtone is heard. Lance scrambles to check his pockets but finds no phone. Carl turns and says “look she is bringing it to you, you must’ve left it in the ambulance”. “Thank you so much!” Carl tells the paramedic and proceeds to answer “Hello?”. “Hey Lance, where is Bill?” Jessie asks. “Uhh, Jessie right now, Bill is with his wife, there has been an accident. We are at the hospital.” said Lance. “Jessie… did you and Bill ever knock boots, hook up… ya know have sex?” asks Lance. Laura slowly exiting the door of the ER and approaches Lance. “Lance, I know Janice had her suspicion but she and I have talked about this already. The answer is no. Your family took me in and yes, I admit me and Bill have always loved each other but…” a sigh breaks her sentence then she continues, “He does not love me the way I wanted him to. So I decided to try to seduce him and be as close as him as I can to make sure no other woman that is undeserving gets him. Then that one day Janice stepped into the picture.” “Jessie look. I do not want to hear all of that. I just want to know if you guys did anything…” Lance gets cut off and thrown off guard as Laura snatches the phone. “Jessie”