Post 7. Exploring.

おはよ! Or goodmorning friends, followers, passerbyers and WordPress! The sun is pretty nice here, some breeze, the music is nice, last night’s sleep was awkward but, this morning I am vibrant. Let’s get into this. Today I am playing around with the basics of writing, re-acquainting myself with it. With that I can solidify what I have been doing, what I would call above average but now a lot better. The english language as you know is a ball of yarn with many rules and sub-rules… that makes it all the more fun to use! My novels will try to explore the obvious typed like narrative but, incorporating the others with my twist should prove to be something spectacular. In my mind I want to start moving on applying my skill better through maturing them through study. Hence, editing Lawyer in the Sand has been a task as I am not an editor. Writing A Designers Obsession, The Infidelity of J. TINTON and Kamikaze has been interesting for me because I am clearly toning my characters personalities and creating connections with them. In laymans terms the medium on which I am creating a great story is much more robust the more I do it. More laymans terms, I am writing better lol! And I see it, especially starting where I was, which was good, real good according to my critiquers and editors, but not quite there. It is a learning process and I am enjoying the ride with heavy anticipation. Even as I write to you all, I am practicing. Chase perfection and you will forever be fit for excellence.


Post 3. Something New

As I think back to myself… Sorry. Good morning followers and WordPress community! As I was. As I think back to to myself as a younger person or child… yeah child… I remember hating to read, although I am an awesome reader. I really wonder how I got to a point where I want to actually write novels and being known for it. My vision is for some of my novels to make it to the big screen. Yay. Its going to be very hard and I am not getting any younger. My vision after that is to create comics. Even this, I am scratching my head on because as a child, I hated reading! Although I was very awesome at it. I remember seventh grade I was creating comics in class… it was very basic but! Some of my classmates found it interesting (I used to draw a bit), the story board at least. So now we are here, in 2016, 2 years-ish into me blogging, 3 years into me declaring myself as an author though, I am unpublished. I am thinking to myself yet again (I think and talk to myself alot) why am I no closer to my goal? Or maybe in retrospect, I really am closer. I have many projects started and one nearly completed save for editing and editing and editing. The when is what is eating me up but, I am still determined. So today, as part of a strategy to gain more followers of my authorship, I am planning to release 3 short stories and 1 novel this year. That way I can at least get everyone used to my style and just me. I do love to inspire thought into my novels/novellas and get people talking. I think that is the most fulfilling thing I can get out of my fan base besides support. I just need to do right by you and put out a product. I am in a weird space on what to do to finally execute. I am scared. Mentally. Too many “what ifs” in my head. The AF has taught me to deal with that. Well, I was going to talk about something else but, I will save it for next post. Sayonara followers and WordPress community!!!

42. Hmm not quite suicide squad.

Seppuku. But the book is called Kamikaze. Hi and weclome my followers, passerbyers and of course the wordpress community on a whole to Omnibus Writing. If you haven’t read my 41st post or others I encourage you to read them! They are filled with a variety of thoughts and creative writing! Also if you, like me, are interesting into literature and books look no further than to follow me on facebook (  and instagram/twitter (omnibus_writing). I have not published anything yet novel or novella related still working on manuscripts and other things but by the end of the year one novella will be coming out! I am still leanring and maturing my craft so I am pacing myself to do my best work.  So this post is about me putting my writing of A Designers Obsession: Debut on pause. Oh, and, pausing my editing of The Lawyer in the Sand. To bring forth the novella Kamikaze. I figured starting small would be my best bet in learning and taking extra time to internalize my craft and to give to you my fans a book to read to find out for yourself that I am worthy enough to be in your book collection (I will be! =D) It is purely coincidence that it is called Kamikaze and that Suicide Squad is coming out this week! (YAY) I am really serious about that coincidence part. If you did not know before, let me reiterate, all my writings will be connected in some form or fashion but they are unless noted that it is a series, are independent of each other. I wish to make a world of characters, sorta like star wars but in my own world. I don’t like space. Well I am assuming I don’t. Other than that if you are reading this, I am fine, I have some news in the coming month that I wish to share or maybe today…. I should draft this and post it in about an hour. [Drafted]

And I am back. So yeah… I am leaving November 1st… for what, time will tell, oooh the suspense. I am working on getting into an MFA program as well! So many things to share, so many goals, so many routes… sorry for the vagueness but as it becomes more clear to me I will be more clear with you!!! Enjoy!

41. Back to the…

“In light of the news my wonderful editor gave me regarding my writing, I have decided to take some time out to learn and internalize the craft and build my skill. In essence, if am to write great novels, I need to platform my creative mind and talents into my books that adheres to the structure of novel writing. With that said, what will be produced this year? I know you have all been supporting and waiting (I thank you for that, though I have not release anything!). I will more than likely release 2 novellas this year free of charge with a third next year. These novellas serve as a means of practice for me and trial for anyone who wants to be apart of the Omnibus Writing movement. This will aim to put myself out there and attract and keep those who actually like what I have to offer. I am learning for myself, that way I am better equipped to put out the best literature each time I write for my fans. Yes, I aim to put out the best for my fans and supporters as well as myself! I anticipate this process of learning will not take long. As for my novels that I am working or worked on, (Example: The Lawyer in the Sand a completed work and A Designers Obsession: Debut a work in progress) they will take a slight dip in attention to allow for my novellas to come forth into fruition in a timely manner.
Thank you for understanding and being patient! I only ask you extend your patience a little while longer!

-Sean Heholt”

These are the words I wrote on my Facebook wall. I wish to stay true to my goal on joining the ranks of being one of the best authors of time… (Large shoes to fill I know!) but, that is a macro-goal. My micro-goal is to consitently produce the best stories one by one consitently. To do this I must learn from the best and teach myself how to be the best. It will happen because I want this to happen. So, why not take the necessary steps to do so? I know I have been neglecting my wordpress family, my first audience, but truth be told, I am just as “MIA” on facebook as an author. I have been busy re-evaluating my approach to writing novels, dealing with some personal matters that is not overshadowing my writing but is affecting it to a degree, but in the long run will help me. Part 2 of my last series is coming soon! If you have any advice for me regarding learning novel structure please shoot them over to me! I welcome it!

38th stories the fall


Well, hello again my followers, passerbyers and WordPress community! This is the 38th post and I have accomplished much this month. I think the months are progressively getting a tad bit better and better. (Lets keep at it!) I wish to tell you before I hit my impending doom with the floor that I will free write a story for my next seven posts. They will be short and sweet maybe. We will see what the mood brings and what my imagination can conjure up aside from my oh so AWESOME NOVELS. Really they are awesome. None released but soon. I plan on working on a short story this July called “White Sea” which will be for free on Amazon (if I can do that), if not then 99 cents I suppose. It is an interesting book that was once a novel but not a series of short stories maybe 5, so you guys can talk about how you hate my writing or simply adore the way I put together multi-facetious elements in prose. For now, I am getting 2 novels done this year, one is near completion, “The Lawyer in the Sand” I am just awaiting the editor to start next week and throughout the month I will be working on the awe inspiring “A Designer’s Obsession: Debút” which will be finished and release for the end of Fall into winter. If I can get my other one done, I will push it to Spring. So. With that said is where you can find the most up-to-date updates. Second being here. Third being my instagram. Fourth being my twitter (doing a horrible job and twittering). So no excuses saying you didn’t know about this awesome guy with an awesome talent writing awesome works! I am still free falling in writing. I think I am doing great. I cheated a little bit with the link and some backspacing. Let’s see some other behind the scenes stuff that my followers will have the pleasure of knowing! I plan on linking this blog to my website, how it will happen, haven’t played around with it yet but it will happen! I am working on my website! Just as soon as my talented artist finishes with it it will be up! A nice trial run, I will publish it for about a day have some people look around test some links and maybe by August first it will be up and running, we will see! Other than that, I am working on another cover maybe pushing it back we will see. A lot of “we will see” but, I do promise I am hard at work not hardly working. I am still soaking up a lot of knowledge and trying to avoid mistakes that I have made. Sort of going with the wind suspended in the air trying to make a plane in turbulence. It is hard and rough but, it is my choice and I am happy with that. I do have a lot of perosnal things going on in my life though that I am stressed about but, I see some convergence and silver lining in the distance. I want to be at the silver lining so I guess that’s why I am stressing. Enough with that! Get to know me! I will promise to keep up with the blogging. I aim to connect with all my followers and soon to be fans. Enjoy guys take care and please don’t be scared to drop a comment or question!

34’s a charm


Good afternoon my followers, passer-byers and of course the WordPress community! The digital age literally is drying up paper huh?! It is February 10th 2016. I am currently finishing up the “The Lawyer in the Sand”; a few thousand words or more story to go but currently it is being critiqued by some fellow authors and colleagues of mine! So far the reviews have been good! So this will be a great foot in the door and a stepping stone for Omnibus Writing! What is that? Glad you asked. It is my creation vehicle, brand, and essence of who I am that will be the name that carries my novels and works. Currently I am creating a website for Omnibus Writing, creating my logo (the illustrator is doing that) and symbol. I am in creation mode! I am also learning how to better brand myself and extend my essence into every social sphere I can to build awareness. It is a daunting task but I must persevere right? So, my first novel will be complete this month… I will show some cover art soon!

P.S. I also do book reviews! Feel Free to follow my authors page as well!

Other than that, I have met some cool and exciting people at this event called #HustleSummit by FindSpark. Want to know what it is… It’s a organization or company (not sure) that helps people (mostly millennials) get in touch with companies more intimate than say filling out an application online. They emphasize showing more of yourself through events where you physically have to be present as well as showing more through your resumes, profiles and etc. I have met 3 people that crashed course me in being confident as well as showing me how to brand myself and reach out to the world. It was a great experience honestly! Something I will say I innately knew I had to do but to hear it was a confirmation. I also met 3 cool people that are screenwriters and illustrators so hopefully a collaboration or even a group maybe formed. Who knows. I have people as friends who I never knew that voice act or illustrate and even are photographers. The point is the pieces are there and all it takes is initiative, intuitive thought, creativity, money of course and drive! I will say that if anyone has a book they have written a piece of art or even a thought, this is the place to share and gain feedback! I can say for certain you will get it from me at the very least. Once again, as always I appreciate the love or “likes” from those who follow and for those who read and don’t choose to follow! Have anything to say even it is a “hello” or “I feel offended” (where I unintentionally caused you to evoke that feeling of course) or a little debate…. Let’s talk!

Hitting 30 posts


This is great that I have been able to hit 30 posts! As inconsistent as it is, I am trying. Hello followers, passer-byers and WordPress! Just want to let you all know that I am about to start my aforementioned plan into my first novel which is in it’s final stages or near final stages. Today I would want to hear from anyone! What are some dreams or things you would have wanted to do but due to life or circumstances you never go to do them? What is something that motivates you? For me as a young buck in this world (I called myself a young buck… I’ve gone crazy) I clearly do not have a clear sense or a mature sense of the world around me since I am talking about dreams but the excuse for me that anyone would cast upon me is that I am an artist. Not true, maybe I am just me! Maybe I don’t want to give up on something that makes me sane in this world of strings, levers and pulleys. This road I walk down may very well be great for me without disaster because I determine how far I will go… is there such thing as unforeseen uncontrollable forces? Of course. Whether the storm my friends or survive the drought or climb that mountain. Satisfaction comes in the form of trying while success comes in the form of achievement. I think discouragement is the enemy, daring attempts and death defying actions are only found in movies. Start you story with “Once upon a time” and let it end with a cliche happy ending that you choose. Let’s make those attempts a reality! So lets talk, I wanna hear from you!