About I.

Hi! My name is Sean. Maybe through some searching you will find out other things about me via Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram because we all have sleuth powers. Or maybe I opened the door and you used science to call upon the powers of deductive reasoning. Either way whether detective or scientist you are all welcome. I am an aspiring writer. I am going to be writing a series (which maybe through your detective work you may find) of books that will aim to inspire imagination but also to entertain and share with you what is in my noggin. I am going to be honest… I am using blogging to gain friends and readers to join me on my journey. Being honest once again… You will like it! My past feelings towards people was so terrible… I will blog about it. Please share the phenomenon that is Sean! Follow me on Twitter @inspriromundus and @Omnibus_writing . Follow me on my authors page http://www.facebook.com/omnibuswriting !! Request via comments to see what I am writing as well! Just leave your FB info in the comments section!

Cheers! Adieu! Aloha! Thank you! Bye? Come back!


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