Awkward. 45th Post.

I am what I am.

I don’t like to talk… unless

We have something to talk about.

Maybe by my standards, maybe just maybe

It leaves a ending that requires more than a maybe

You know. Grounds for more conversation. Maybe.

I don’t want no one around me… unless

We do something… even then that’s not what I want

Even then that’s something I look for

Even then I will leave if there is nothing to do.

I talk to myself internally. Very frequently. 

I am smarter than I am. I often challenge my status quo

Of who I think I am. Laughed at by the peers of myself.

The real me just as smart but, the reality no smarter than.

I love a lot but, don’t show much. I love a little less.

Reserved or selfish, the lines are blurred. I am very selfless.

Self is gone when I love. Self is in a safe position when act.

Unconditional maybe, is what I lack. Surround myself with me…

So I can engulf you with me. Just sit there and stay there.

Understand, but don’t mention it. Know, but don’t ask.


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