Blog post 44, My mind is fine

I am just saying my mind is fine and my imaginationis vivid. Hello fellow wordpressers, passerybyers, and followers! It is a new day and I have been a busy bee lately, I have primed my novels, (just laid down my ideas and starting point so when I come back, I can just pick up where I left off, works for me 😁) something I don’t usually do unless I am writing them soon (2months time). Due to my break that is mandatory in Novemeber/December, I must do the ones that are weak in my head. In other news, I was considering finishing up my Penumbra guide book but, I will leave that for next year May. I am in an arms or books race with myself, as I am very disheartened and sad I haven’t been able to put out any content as yet, but I am happy for the fact I didn’t. Imagination and talent is only half the equation and I a need to make it enjoyable for the readers… this year has been a great learning experience truthfully. Since I want to set my goals of regurgitating great literary fiction works, I will and am still dedicate my time in learning. Next year will be a better year, but I am not ready yet unfortunately for this year. Other than that, I am still shrugging on in every other aspect of my life, between being married, the air force (more on that later), as well as house shopping. I went to DC to check somethings out. Hehe. To write great things must one have a sound environment, I am busy trying to get out of mine haha. So, moral of the story, keep the fight for life and your dreams, it is hard but, with perserverance and will, the fight will sometimes put a smile on your face making your acheivements all the more sweeter.


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