43, Searching for the Silver Lining

This a great movie, although I do not particularly care for Clooney as an actor, he did his thing. Hi my followers, bloggers and passerbyers! I am back again after some, dry spell of thoughts, I was literally up in the air, not one creative thought for the month of August! *Gasp* With that said, I took a break from wroting Kamikaze, reworking things in my life and got a but afraid or shaken up about jumping back in the pool due to my critique of my work (see post 41?) In my self discouragement, I did manage to conjure up Kamikaze, which I am taking my time with although I want to burst my brilliant imagination all over the page, but I must keep it focused. For that, even though, it is a short story, I must keep calm, cool and collected in writing it. Other ways I was up in the air is that, I got married on the 16th of August! To my girlfriend of 5plus years, who is constantly pushing me to stay true to my dreams and who I am. (Love you!) With all the encouragement from her and some close friends and family, as an artist you know how it is when doubt hits you. But as the caption says, I am ready to make a connection, with you with myself, with my mind, my keyboard and my paper. I am done plotting and trying, I am ready to do! My mission is pretty clear, so I am going for it! I will nearly fall off the face of the earth for 2 months though november/december. That is a disclaimer and while I have been the most shitty and wordpress and blogging, these 2 months are important in my life and I must and have to be gone, but by christmas or so I will be back. Smiles and yays for me please! So what is next what is going on with my writing? Well I have decided to go to do my MFA but I will play around with some short stories to get some content out there. Kamikaze and White Sea should be fine for Janurary, I was wishing for Fall and Winter this year but realistically it is impossible. I am working though. Very hard mentally to make this possible for you and myself. So I will keep the updates rolling in when possible and as frequent as possible. I am even missing Nanowrimo… =(. Well guys and gals! Feel free to ask questions and comment! Till next time!


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