42. Hmm not quite suicide squad.

Seppuku. But the book is called Kamikaze. Hi and weclome my followers, passerbyers and of course the wordpress community on a whole to Omnibus Writing. If you haven’t read my 41st post or others I encourage you to read them! They are filled with a variety of thoughts and creative writing! Also if you, like me, are interesting into literature and books look no further than to follow me on facebook (www.facebook.com/omnibuswriting)  and instagram/twitter (omnibus_writing). I have not published anything yet novel or novella related still working on manuscripts and other things but by the end of the year one novella will be coming out! I am still leanring and maturing my craft so I am pacing myself to do my best work.  So this post is about me putting my writing of A Designers Obsession: Debut on pause. Oh, and, pausing my editing of The Lawyer in the Sand. To bring forth the novella Kamikaze. I figured starting small would be my best bet in learning and taking extra time to internalize my craft and to give to you my fans a book to read to find out for yourself that I am worthy enough to be in your book collection (I will be! =D) It is purely coincidence that it is called Kamikaze and that Suicide Squad is coming out this week! (YAY) I am really serious about that coincidence part. If you did not know before, let me reiterate, all my writings will be connected in some form or fashion but they are unless noted that it is a series, are independent of each other. I wish to make a world of characters, sorta like star wars but in my own world. I don’t like space. Well I am assuming I don’t. Other than that if you are reading this, I am fine, I have some news in the coming month that I wish to share or maybe today…. I should draft this and post it in about an hour. [Drafted]

And I am back. So yeah… I am leaving November 1st… for what, time will tell, oooh the suspense. I am working on getting into an MFA program as well! So many things to share, so many goals, so many routes… sorry for the vagueness but as it becomes more clear to me I will be more clear with you!!! Enjoy!


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