41. Back to the…

“In light of the news my wonderful editor gave me regarding my writing, I have decided to take some time out to learn and internalize the craft and build my skill. In essence, if am to write great novels, I need to platform my creative mind and talents into my books that adheres to the structure of novel writing. With that said, what will be produced this year? I know you have all been supporting and waiting (I thank you for that, though I have not release anything!). I will more than likely release 2 novellas this year free of charge with a third next year. These novellas serve as a means of practice for me and trial for anyone who wants to be apart of the Omnibus Writing movement. This will aim to put myself out there and attract and keep those who actually like what I have to offer. I am learning for myself, that way I am better equipped to put out the best literature each time I write for my fans. Yes, I aim to put out the best for my fans and supporters as well as myself! I anticipate this process of learning will not take long. As for my novels that I am working or worked on, (Example: The Lawyer in the Sand a completed work and A Designers Obsession: Debut a work in progress) they will take a slight dip in attention to allow for my novellas to come forth into fruition in a timely manner.
Thank you for understanding and being patient! I only ask you extend your patience a little while longer!

-Sean Heholt”

These are the words I wrote on my Facebook wall. I wish to stay true to my goal on joining the ranks of being one of the best authors of time… (Large shoes to fill I know!) but, that is a macro-goal. My micro-goal is to consitently produce the best stories one by one consitently. To do this I must learn from the best and teach myself how to be the best. It will happen because I want this to happen. So, why not take the necessary steps to do so? I know I have been neglecting my wordpress family, my first audience, but truth be told, I am just as “MIA” on facebook as an author. I have been busy re-evaluating my approach to writing novels, dealing with some personal matters that is not overshadowing my writing but is affecting it to a degree, but in the long run will help me. Part 2 of my last series is coming soon! If you have any advice for me regarding learning novel structure please shoot them over to me! I welcome it!


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