In more ways than one. Hello followers, passerbyers and WordPress. Welcome to the 33rd post which is about all things I should’ve posted about, maybe since the 11th of this month. No seriously! I wanted to post during winter storm Jonas but as the Sprint service would have it added to the fact I neglected to bring my laptop, I couldn’t! Then of course my flight was delayed because I was in NC two weeks ago and my flight got delayed twice… Well enough about that. Let’s add more problems to the plate, the government who I was suppose to consult with regarding my book never called! Then sent me an email saying sorry… Reschedule? I just shook my head and said “okay.” Some good news though (silver lining maybe?). I went to a nice event and met some great people! Grabbed myself some connections with a screenwriter and 2 animators! I also might be getting an editorial internship that will lead me into a job, so hopefully that works out! If not then more self pushing, promoting and learning haha. The Lawyer in the Sand is almost completed! My first novel is nearing completion with every two days and should be finished by next week! This novel will be up for free as an appreciation to those who supported me and also, as a little sample to those who want to see something before they commit to follow me. As far as which platforms I will put the novel on, I really don’t know. Whichever grabs more people would be ideal and for those who don’t have, just add yourself to the mailing list and you will get a copy! Other than that, I would like to hear from you! How are you doing? Talk to me! =)


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