Hello followers, passer-byers and WordPress. This is I, Inspiro leader and founder of Omnibus Writing! As you can see this is piece of my Authors page on Facebook. It has some goodies (not too much) on it as I near completion of my first novel I realized I have not enough people to read and give feedback to me on it so… Here is my authors page! I am not sure if the links work on WordPress, I tried on my laptop and was fine but on my phone, not so much. Technology these days!
Time to advertise myself by way of interviewing myself. 

Why should anyone follow you and await your writing? You have not even put any books out yet?

Yes this is true. Just like an artist, I beleive everyone has the right to experience something great when they feel like it. I am just here to remind you it is great, it will be great and even if you take your time to read or follow, I will welcome you with open arms!

What genre’s do you plan on writing?

I plan on writing Spy Action, Thriller-Suspense and Contemporary.

Do you have a main project? What are your goals?

I do have a main project but I am keeping it pretty quiet. I have others that will precede it that are definitely great works that I am developing. I wish to make my works hit movies, tv shows and animation. I want to be versatile!

Well thank you for your time in this short interview. I hope you take it as far as you want to go.

Thank you and I just want to say thanks to those who are following me and paying attention! I hope to wow and make my world interesting to you. Inspiration is key for ones well being.

And that is a wrap! I am crazy I know, I did my own interview. My next post I will be doing my first book review. The author is colleague of mine, so I will post her review here, next post! Good day WordPress and if you are interested type in Sean Heholt when you see author just hit like and boom! Your world will change!


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