29th not in years but posts!


Yes, hello again my followers, passer-byers and WordPress! After the 28th I am done with college! Woohoo, now I can continue to work on my future, finances and being a great author! I am nearing the completion of The Lawyer in the Sand and also starting a business with my best friend! I would say that I have it all figured out but I do not. Is that ok? Let me live out my dreams until my heart gives out…. That is a good way to live. I say try and do not stop, you will be fine! I chose the green man walking because writing is a go! I am all over the place haha! Well, despite me rambling on, I really wanted to say happy holidays to all! 2016 is approaching and with that said Happy Holidays!

Nice short and sweet

Innocent, because you have to know

Guilty, because I held back

What benefit is feelings, when contained

What good is knowledge, if not willing to teach

Is that bad that I only set you on the path

Life threatening that the instincts of survival basic

-How is this okay, how is this helping

How did you show me love

How not more and the satisfaction with less?

What makes this worth it?

Because I told you.


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