More than 26 times I forgot what this meant.



I am taking up the challenge to do NaNoWriMo. Why? To get better? To get better at what. Please. Writing of course. I am 5k words in even though it did not start yet because cheaters prosper. Ha! also because I am in school. Well at any rate, Hello Word Press and followers and such! It has been awhile since we last talked and I am pumped because my story is coming along very fine! I hope all of you enjoyed “The man who never knew”. It was my first ever online short story submission so bare with the mistakes and what not. I have received good reviews from the 6 people I got reviews from, so it is not that bad! Trust me it is good! If you have not already read it they will be up FOREVER so no excuses! My next project “The Lawyer in the Sand” is currently in production. I will be sure to try to keep up with this blog posting environment called Word Press as much as I can during the month of November. If you do not see me, please feel free to hate me until I come back but no later! NaNoWriMo has challenged me I must answer the call! A writer’s gotta do what a writer’s gotta do! Once again please check out and like and follow! I also graduate from college in December! BYE for now!


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