The 23rd blog….TMWNK

The man who never knew


A look over the shoulder. A look in the face of the man of whom she questions love. Another doorbell ring. Janice gets up slowly taking her half-eaten dish to the sink. Bill walks to the door, looks at the screen from a hidden compartment in the wall showing his friend Lance at the door. He opens the door and Lance walks in and gives Bill a hug “William you son of a bitch! How are you?”. Bill walks away into the living room leaving Lance at the door with a confused but monotone look on his face. Lance taking a few steps to the entrance of the living room, then leaning on the wall watching Janice washing the dishes and Bill grabbing his trench coat form off the couch. “Janice, how are you? I thought you would be at the restaurant tonight?” Lance uttered as he walked towards and gave her a hug. “I wanted to have at least a dinner with William before I left for Zurich, our anniversary just happens to fall on a bad time” Janice semi-cheerfully explains. Bill’s voice from the hall is heard saying “Babe, I am just going to take Lance with me to Josie’s and Junior’s, meet me at the bar in an hour okay?”. Janice walks over to Bills plate to pick it up as a response of “Okay Bill I….” is interrupted by silence as Janice faints, dropping to the floor. A crash of ceramics and glass breaking and splintering around the room is succeeded by trampling footsteps running towards Janice’s aid. “Janice!!!!” Bill and Lance simultaneously shout out from their lungs, with Bill bursting through the halls of his house like a raging bull running towards the dining room table. Lance as Janice falls manages to reach her quickly enough, only to catch her head before it hit the floor, incurring scratches and lacerations from the glass and ceramic. Lance already holding her on the floor yells “Call an ambulance William!”. Bill slides trying to stop and frantically whips out his cellphone calling 911. William and Lance proceed to lift and carry limp-bodied Janice to the couch where Bill holds her tight in tears. The ambulance moments later pulls up to the house, with the crew rushing out of there cars with Lance in the background screaming “Hurry up!” as a teary Bill with Janice in arms meets the stretcher and ambulance crew. Inside on the floor, Bills cellphone rings with 2 missed calls and now a third… *ring, ring, ring* is drowned out by the noise outside by neighbors and the scene in front of the house. The caller ID reads J&J.



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