The man who never knew for 22.

The man who never knew

An approach to the table. Shameful movement from the pulling out of the chair to the seating motion. Janice clears her throat softly….Bill in the midst of take a seat knees bent paused with concern like wide open eyes. “Im ok William, I made the food a little too spicy!” Janice cheerfully says. He resumes sitting down grabbing his seat, “But you have not had a bite yet, how could you tell!?” Bill happily says. “I don’t know babe… its like my nostrils just grabbed the smell and smacked it against my throat, oh and I am a chef, yes that maybe a good reason!” she laughs. Bill laughs with her and says well “I need senses like those, whenever I go on these book tours I always end up in these horrible restaurants my publicist chooses!”. “How is Josie by the way, is she okay since the pregnancy?” is what Janice says, as she takes a bite out of her spicy chicken. Bill chokes up, dropping his fork with food smiling on his careful organized and sectioned meal. He looks up realizing that Janice’s demeanor is still happy and that the change of aura is around him only. Bill takes a breath and softly says “She is ok, she is still recovering due to the complications… and Jr. is just fine, I am going to see him around 7:15”. Janice gets up from her chair and slowly walks to the stereo system, takes her iPod from her pocket and plays some sort of romantic era music. She returns to her chair pinning up her long hair. She picks up her fork, looks up “Are you okay?”. “Janice, I know it has been rough on you with me, Josie and Junior. You have to know that I just have to support her”. “You never ask about Junior, he did not do anything to you Janice, you should at least care in some sort of capacity” Bill sternly exclaims. Janice stays silent continuing her meal. Bill stares at her as a slow rage starts to boil from the depths of his heart and mind. Just as he gets up and approaches her, Janice looks up and the door bell rings…



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