Twenty-1st Post

The man who never knew

“There comes a time for men when a special woman changes their way of thinking…No no no” a soft voice says. “There are situations that arise that allow a man to go through a metamorphosis when meeting that special woman…” says the voice in a more confident tone. The man gets up out of his chair and paces back and forth until his wife knocks. *Two thumps*. The door opens slowly. Long black hair swings from the end off the door into the room followed by a beautiful womanly tilted face with a warming smile…”Dinner is ready babe!” she happily says. A warming smile turns into a look of confusion from Janice “why are you pacing back and forth?”. “Get out!” Bill screams, causing her to sigh and slowly pull the door in behind her closing it softly. Bill plops himself in the chair, head in hand, rotating his freshly brushed gold wedding band. He gets up opens the window… looks out… thinks to himself that 3 months in his marriage he has been really trying to be the husband she needs. He looks down at the sill, teary eyed. Like a fog rolling into a bay, the aroma of his wife’s cooking hits his nose awaking his stomach. He folds his laptop and exits his office walking towards the kitchen like a dog with a tail between his legs, finding his wife Janice, sitting and waiting for him with a smile on her face…



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