17 times and counting.


From a Man’s inquiry
      And a persons answers

What is life?
A collection
A way, no a road
A thought

How should it go?
Pure joy no hurt
All positive no negative
Optimism… Now I’m skeptical

That’s what we want
That’s what it should be
That’s not what it is…

Why care?
We are living it
It is living us
It’s ours

How do you know?
I don’t feel that way
I don’t feel in control
I don’t feel sure

Is it life?
Is it beyond just a breath?
Is it more than thoughts?
Is it controllable?

What do you want it to be?
How can you get to that figurative place?
What ever it takes
Make a dream a reality
Make reality a joy for others

Is That what you think?
That is what I know?



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