In time the 16th should tell


The time has come, good morning/afternoon followers, likers, and word press community! It has been a real challenge to post as much as I would like to but, with this being my last semester, all these classes, clearing my head for my book and getting to create a couple things for my book… I have not been able to share my all as evenly as possible. So I do apologize to those who would like to follow and think that I am “inconsistent” because you are right for the time being. I do however, want you to follow if I, my words or my posts are interesting though! So in time I hope to reach a sizeable enough community here so that I can hopefully bring you all in to my world…Muahaha. Is “muahaha” a word? OKAY. So you guys by now have realized my pictures are pretty indicative of my posts but my titles are not if you have been watching me. So yes the art of time or more specifically time managing is once that is predominately for the most part managed by our environment. If you are wealthy with free time you are capable of making your own time because you are not bound to a persons time. For the 97-98 percent of us in this world… We are constantly on someone else’s time or we must work our time around there time! It is this, one fundamental art that can make us or break us. It is the defining line between success and failure, love and hate, etc and etc as if time and emphasis go hand in hand of which in certain respects it does. I personally need to time manage more efficiently. So my experience with time is not good but it is not bad! How is your experience with time managing or just time in general? How do you feel about it? Let’s Talk!


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