15th is coming soon. As in today.

Today we will switch over to the genre of gaming. Before that, hello everyone! So yes the gaming industry as in video games has been a very lucrative business although many would argue the downsizing of certain studios show otherwise. If you have heard of Pokemon Red, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty and etc, those are video games that are wildly popular and have sold well to make millions of dollars. So yes Mr. Mundus, why the needless introduction? Well back in the 90’s complete games were made. If you buy a Super Mario game for say SNES you would get a complete Mario game as is. There were no updates or expansions and etc. If your game lacked content you would not sell!

Today’s games between Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and the master race PC is a bit different. Yeah every year they come with the graphics talk. The FPS talk. The power output talk. Numbers that only mean something to computer science majors. People who do not understand you need a big TV to take advantage of the best quality graphics. Oh of course games that are regurgitations of past games just like movies for example. Now that we got my rant out of the way. Todays post! I want to know how gamers out there feel about the “update era” and “expansion era” where you pay 60 dollars for an incomplete game only to be 9/10 times forced to play online and recieve updates while paying extra for expansions that honestly should of been in the game. There are many pluses and downsides to this, but provided I get comments I will share more of my thoughts! Let’s Talk!


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