14th blog post and my Birthday


Yes today is my birth day. Thank you. Hi everyone! Welcome to the 14th post and as everyday gotta by I wish more and more people would comment! So I still try harder to grab your attention grrr…. *man face* without further ado… Language. The art of language is one that is primarily for communication. That communication transcends barriers allowing for the expression of almost anything you can think of through descriptive words. The complexities of language make it so that there is never really one way to express or say something about the subject matter as well as the opportunity for multiple perceptions on a given subject. The art of language is not one that is evaporating but rather changing. You ever been to a spelling bee and there are words you just never heard of our sound funky? Or what about vernacular speech that are exclusive to a specific culture can they really be mixed with the basic English? We here in America say we are English speakers but our language is somewhat different than English speakers. How does culture shape our language? How did time shape our language? Let’s Talk.


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