13th post… What else is there to say!?


What more is there to say? Today is the 13th blog post and I will again say… Hello! Fellow followers, likers and passer-byers! Todays post is tell ng about the state of dating and the effect of Facebook (social media) on it. If you are familiar with HIMYM… you know what episde I am referring to when I say “remember the episode with the rich black lady who was arguably the best match for Ted at the time?” Well Ted Mosby made an interesting point that when social media exploded with basically Facebook at the center of said explosion, dating has been different. How so? His argument.
1st: Social media left little to be discovered about a person.
2nd: Social media changes your perception about a person, therefore changing the way you interact with said person.
3rd: Misconceptions often arise from those aforementioned perceptions and assumptions from said profile.
That is all the negatives I suppose. There are positives though! At least you are not walking into a date totally blind! At least you can maybe gather your date is not a creep or a person whose lifestyle is not compatible with yours. There are others, but how do you feel about social media in general and its effect on dating? For me I rarely use social media and at the time of meeting my lovely girl friend, I used it to observe a little. As far as knowing who she is I am more old school. I am an adventurer haha! Nowadays the emphasis on social media to become more social has kept people locked in a rectangle in their hands and on their laps. Which to me looks zombie like… I was born in 1990. Not to say I am not part of this generation, but my outlook is of those in the maybe 60s-70s partially. I feel date then in person and learn… Do not kill the mystery via social media, I don’t know! How do you feel? How did you use social media to help you with your significant other? Do you feel it was counter productive? Do you feel social media killed the mystery of dating? Let’s Talk!


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