Sorry for the wait number 12 is on the way

It’s been a couple days I know, I was trying to space out my posts. How is everyone? I hope good! It’s been a journey of a year with ups, downs, lefts, rights and yes some curves! What’s life without curves? So with that said the 12th post was born and we talk about the art of discretion.


In my social bubble, discretion is all I do. It keeps me safe in more ways than one. Most of my discretion is via talking, unless I’m talking to a loved one. Many people have neglected this way of tactful talking. To some words don’t hurt as much but they can trigger a chain of events as if it was a piece of flint of some sort. A fire starter maybe the cause of ones lack of discretion and no one portrays that like Hollywood. In almost every movie, the character waits so late to tell the truth or the truth comes out in a crowd of people or the truth comes out when there is a peek of tension. Again in the same Hollywood, we see a lack of discretion in music and in movies when we see images over sexualized, hence parental discretion advised or aka watch at your own risk. Now we have a society that apparently claims there is a blurred line effect on the use of discretion. The thing about discretion is that it is very personal… Hence use YOUR discretion. This social art form is a double edged sword in many ways but it is a strategic way of moving through the social jungle that takes tact and cunning. It is one that is the filter for what we see in media and since day by day Hollywood is having a lack of it, the trickle effect is on or screens, viewers discretion advised. So how do you feel about this social art? Let’s Talk!


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