Construction! For the 11th and beyond!


I am gonna be setting up a nice calender and blogging scheduling system for myself. Also going to be looking at maybe doing a genre per week! As well as seeing how often I should post! Still looking at strategies to gain more followers, I do thank those who did and who will I thank you in advance! I really appreciate it! So this post here consider it the 11th. I would like advice from anyone honestly, on how to gain more followers and to give me tips and advice! My goal is to gain followers for blogging but also to gain followers for my action novel which is currently in the works. It is my first novel but it is my pride and joy. I am here because of that book but also to connect with people from all over the world and from all walks of life because I do not get out much haha. So I would love and welcome any and all afvice on how to make my page better, please WordPress community!!!! Let’s Talk!

*After reviewing my posts, I realized I skipped the 5th post. (sorry 5th post) I am in the process of rectifying the situation and any typos as well. As a blogger my work most be perfect! Blog on!*


One thought on “Construction! For the 11th and beyond!

  1. Hey fellow blogger, I’ve found the best ways to gain followers are:
    1. Post regularly (in my mind, once a week, but not more than once a day — JUST my opinion though)
    2. Read other peoples’ blogs, like them, comment on them, and follow them (be genuine — I look at some peoples’ blogs and skip over them because they don’t appeal to me).
    3. In your about me, tell people you want followers! People appreciate honesty.

    GOOD LUCK blogging! And maybe Asana can help with your schedule??

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