The 10th will be done at the 10th hour.

Good morning my fellow followers, likers, and passer-byers!!! It is friday! I hope all is well for you and yours! I hope all is well with your blogs in the wordpress community! This is my 10th blog post and I feel great, I feel overwhelmed, I feel like you are ready to hear… read the blog! I feel we should get started too. So, with that said today we will talk about the art of… *Drum roll* music! Like what I did there?

Music like the picture above, has always been a weird phenomenon. Its one that moves, inspired, and evokes a response out of the listener much like poetry… Except poetry can be ignored voluntarily, while music cannot. What I mean is, it is much easier for a person to hear music and while it is much harder for someone to hear or even read poetry unless it is fostered by a want of that specific person. Now you can argue that hiphop and rap is poetry but with music! True but still it is hard for the listener, unless he or she is WANTING to listen to the poetry aka lyrics can decipher and formulate an opinion on the writers poetry. So the music or beat depending on your genre of music overrides the listeners mind and tunes out the words. Now. As far I am concerned I love hiphop and rap (there is a fundemental difference between the two). I love Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and others because they inspire thought and insight into stuff that was not seen by people of that black culture due to the system of the USA. So music was an avenue for voice and other things such as learning. Now music is an avenue that can be positive or negative depending on the user. I also like some rock, pop and other genres more for the musical quality and message… Point is I do not listen to things I cannot understand from people I cannot understand their motives. I know music is a business, but what about the art of music of todays culture in 2015? What has been lost of music that you find is needed? Or missed? What deters you from listening to certain types of music or music in general? What keeps you in one genre or era of music? Let’s Talk!


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