9th post but also part 2

Fun is… an expression of oneself that is pleasurable.


Fun is an art.
Art is fun.
Why should it die?

Why neglect the “pleasures” of your heart?
To satisfy the “wants” of your mind?
Art is in both. In an artistic sense.

To make cents and pence.
“Wants” use the fun to transform art.
Into a necesity art was transformed.

It is not fun now. The passion was loss.
The art in another was pleasurable.
Apparent in the art was the fun.

It’s fun to do all things if it is in the heart.
It is art to express that love.
Was fun first then art?

Was the need of expression the drive?
Did the drive reveal what art is…
The window of the soul?

It is not art if it is controlled…
But why is it fun when there are rules?
There are only rules when you play..
Someone elses game.

Just some food for thought. I think every 10 of my posts I will show case some of my literary skills. Poetry is one that I am very good at. Enjoy. Let’s Talk!


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