If you wondered what the 7th is about…

Honestly these titles just come to me and I type them as they pop. Good morning!!! It is the 8th post! Today we will talk about the dying art of dah duh di dah having a meal in the morning. No this is not a topic because I have a lack of topics. If you feel that way hear me out! In NYC, due to our oh so fast paced lifestyle many people do not eat breakfast or they eat something that is not enough to fuel them. Is this an art? Well anything can be an art in my eyes… I mean WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO WAKE UP AND EAT THIS….


So now that I have somehow considered you to take this post seriously through visualization, let me now inspire some thought from you with words. (Such a genius I am!) The breakfast is just that… Breaking your fast! After a 6-10 hour fast aka sleeping you wake up and guess what your body needs fuel! Breakfast is a necessary fuel for your body keep you going! Why has this morning ritual gone astray? Like I said, in NYC at least between a fast paced life and ling commutes due to congestion plus other respinsibilities maybe some factors. I personally do not eat breakfast every morning! Sometimes I do not want to eat eggs… Other times all we have is eggs. Sometimes I am lazy, sometimes I wake up late… being honest. I would like variety! When I get my own home soon, I will definitely be encouraging myself to eat breakfast because thats how I grew up! So what are some factors that go on in your life that hampers you from eating breakfast? How important socially is breakfast to you? Lastly if you want post your breakfast picture! You do not have to haha. What are your thoughts on this subject!? Let’s Talk!


4 thoughts on “If you wondered what the 7th is about…

  1. I wish breakfast were a bigger deal! I live in NYC, too, and I usually eat when I get to work, because it’s just easier, and my workplace is lax like that (I can still get work done while I eat). I would love if breakfast were more social, too! I have to restrict nicer breakfasts to Saturdays and Sundays, which does indeed make them special. In my perfect world, we would work very early in the morning until midday when you get tired, and then again in the evening. We all would nap/have fun in the afternoon, then sleep at night.

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