Continuing my topics for the 6th time!

Firstly, has it really been 6 days? It still feels like day one  and I can honestly say this is not hard but rather challenging! Good challenges spawn great things. Steel sharpens steel! Ok! The next thing was yesterday’s post was sort of a fail in terms of what I was expecting (Sad face). However, I still make my promise of posting a blog today and have the follower, likers, and passer-bys have the opportunity to follow me and get to know me (Happy face)! Feelings of those prior two sentences are demonstrated by the picture below:


So now that we got that out of the way… We will talk about acting. This form of art has been around for some time. I do not know how much has actually changed in the recent years but, I do love todays choreography and special effects. I  especially love those who do their own stunts! I am a fan of almost every type of movie but I fine my areas of comfortability are action, thriller, scifi, comedy and I guess… Contemporary? Whichever movies fits that bill. Guess what though? I have never seen a Broadway play and I live one borough away from Manhattan! The stage, where a lot of actors prove their worth to do movies or where I guess acting in a business sense has originated, has been a subject of debate a couple of times. While their community and NYC has fought to keep it alive, I do not know if even anywhere outside of NY has a name as big as Broadway. I am not in that world so I will do more research. So my questions today are; has the art of stageplay become increasingly difficult to maintain? Is the movie realm creating this difficulty? I personally very much respect this art form because the work and the memorization is very demanding. I say it is a very relevant art form that needs to be more upheld as a proving ground for actors but publicized. I have always read stageplay via many Shakespeare books as well as seen some… But in movies! This art has a great influence on actors and I feel that maybe our future films may hold some bad actors because… They possibly will skip that part of becoming an actor due to HollyWood’s “cutting corners techniques”. How do you feel? Let’s Talk!


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