Sun-ny-day for the 5th post


I think Sundays are a perfect day to hear from my followers and community of WordPress, about what topic they would like for me to blog on Mondays. Reasoning I would like to try something for starters, the other reason, I am still in the makes of creating a system of continuous blogging in my life so today due to my limited content in thought I did not want to fail. Cowardly, I know leaving it into your hands but, I believe one person will comment! If no one says anything… Then my heart is forever cracked but not broken… Just know I will be continuously hurt. No my feelings mean nothing no guilt cast on you here. Feelings aside, please I would like to hear you though! Voice of the people! As I get settled into this blog atmosphere please leave feedback or even requests so we can help each other out! Mondays post will still come though regardless but remember… Voice of the people!!! Let’s talk!


3 thoughts on “Sun-ny-day for the 5th post

  1. Interesante! In Argentina, we may choose a daynto gather and eat, in family or with friends. But we don’t use it every day as it is shown in Tv. May be my family and I are more of the kind of Jay in Modern Family, hanging at the kitchen with a cup of coffe or maybe mate.

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