4 times the charm…


Today this comes from a little personal part of me I suppose. The dinner table. I do not know how many of you will agree but is this not one of the most used setting in HollyWood but one of the most unused spaces in the house? Yea there are factors like no table and etc etc. For those who do have one, how often do you eat on said table by yourself or even with someone? I think this is one social construct and social art that is very much in trouble. I feel it is important simply because the family table is what it is literally and figuratively; a gathering space for interaction with food. Don’t get me wrong the living room is also a gathering space that can be used with food. However was there anything wrong with the dinner table for it to be unused? Maybe television changed the dynamic due to the ease of growing portability. Maybe the phone further drove that point home. Is this a traditional concept that is being changed and out grown? Maybe. How do you feel? Let’s talk.


5 thoughts on “4 times the charm…

  1. Interesante! In Argentina, we may choose a daynto gather and eat, in family or with friends. But we don’t use it every day as it is shown in Tv. May be my family and I are more of the kind of Jay in Modern Family, hanging at the kitchen with a cup of coffe or maybe mate.

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    • Ahh ok, so this is good! A different culture’s perspective! Where is family time most emphasized? Was family time at the dinner table an important thing in your parents life growing up? If you do not mind me asking?

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      • Glad to answer!
        Well I cant talk from what I know, and of course there may be exceptions, you know. These days, family time happens at the kitchen I would say. This may be, making a huge generalization, due to our Mate habit, but also meals. Most of daily conversations happen there, casually. Different from the past I would say, when I believe those conversations were more formal in the dinner table, but I’m not sure, I will have to ask 🙂
        Hope I was clear enough! will report with more info later!

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