The 1st post the most troublesome…

Although this is a good subject and post (to me at least) I will not expect this to be answered (please answer *sad face*) right away. That is enough parenthesis. So our world today has new and emerging art with others waiting to be made relevant via age and death. Sounds harsh but many art forms do indeed become relevant after the person has died or with MAJOR convincing. I swear. What about the art forms or things that you consider art that already exists that are just withering away… or evaporating? What is one that you think people are lacking appreciation for? What are some art that you think people need to revive or not forget? Lets Talk!


7 thoughts on “The 1st post the most troublesome…

  1. i second the motion truly when it comes to those arts that existed but occasionally disappearing maybe because time kept adjusting and things will never last forever and i just don’t know what to say, haha but i agree, i swear with regards to your thoughts in this subject.

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