Dum, Dum, Dum…. the 2nd Approaches

So today, to introduce some more content… I had no thoughts until just now. Lets go with a social construct such as.. etiquette towards people. I consider this a social art that many people should know to not “rub” people the wrong way. Has this art form began to evaporate? I feel it may have if we go by the trends of “singularity” and “individuality”. Independence of oneself often get misconstrued with being rude as if the both of them tango on Saturday nights (that is the day to tango right?). So I feel that the lack of etiquette towards people is a dying social art. I had a teacher once told me yes New Yorkers are tough (I am a New Yorker) but we are honest. She argued that in the southern US that the term “how are you?” is very hypocritical because they do not ideally care for your well being. I found this to be very true! As well as interesting. Her perspective on life reflects her expectations of people whether close personally or distant. This social art of etiquette may differ from county to county, state to state, region to region and country to country…. Well it does become more apparent as you zoom out. How do you feel about the differences in your area especially with people younger or older than you? Lets Talk!


2 thoughts on “Dum, Dum, Dum…. the 2nd Approaches

  1. I resent the southern comment. I am from North Carolina and if I walk by you and speak then it is because you caught my attention. Therefore even if only for the briefest of moments I do care. Interesting blog, by the way.

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  2. Ahh yes, I knew someone would. I was debating on whether to type that part in its fullest but I didn’t, I cannot remember the reasoning. However, what my teacher did say was that she asked the person if they really did genuinely care and they said no. She did this a couple times and majority said “it is the polite thing to do”. This was Texas but as a traveler and somewhat of a person who goes around as a liason for politicians and such, her words were very for a lack of a better term “convincing”. Given her background I understand where she is coming from. But I respect your resentment and I understand that that piece of the post may have rubbed you the wrong way. It sparked a feeling! That’s good to me and you commented on it, thank you! =) Now in my experience between Virginia and say Florida (I visit these two states the most, been to NC twice) I personally do not get the “how are you’s” but I do get the general random conversations while I am out something that rarely happens in NY. In my head I am like “why are you talking to me”, thing about me is my head is not in my ass haha so I will speak and reflect the same friendliness. The difference between me and I guess my teacher is that, I guess I beleive in a “short term” friendship or casualness that is genuine for the moment like what you expressed there, where she does not in a sense. She is 68 and she been throughs some stuff hence my defending of her. Your comment on personally what you do and feel is definitely admirable and more people should be like you ecerywhere and get our heads out of our asses! Thank you again for the comment!


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